Friday, March 25, 2011

And this so-called pet gate gets a BIG FAT 'F'!

Can anyone recommend a pet barrier for a curved staircase opening? Seriously. This one is clearly not working.

"Here, doggie, doggie."

Contemplating the gate-break

"What? You think I'm a moron or something?"

Oh, I should also mention that Dewi never gets stuck on the stairs anymore. Who taught him to use the stairs anyway? Now, there's a moron. Oh, it was me.


On a much brighter note, The Boys and I are getting ready for an exciting (but top-secret) play date this evening with Jon Farleigh's future-lady-killer nephew, Nick (aka International Man of Mystery). We can't tell you where because it's classified. Check back tomorrow, though; we expect there will be puparazzi evidence plastered all over our tabloid blog.


  1. Nick is ready to go! Big Brother Rufus will be staying home tonight...he is sore from playing football the other night and has been gimpy and growly the last two days, poor guy.

    I think I saw a gate that will work for you, but I have the link saved at home. I'll email it to you this weekend!

  2. For our steps, we just use a regular expandable baby gate and secure it to the railing with shock cord. It creates enough of a visual barrier they *usually* respect it. Moments of extreme excitement have been known to compromise security :-)

  3. We just use a regular expandable baby gate too. I sit it on the first step and the tension holds it between the wall on one side and the base of the railing on the other. Not perfect, but luckily Bella doesn't try to go around a gate once it's up.

  4. Look at these:

  5. Look at those faces! You should have the run of the house
    Benny & Lily

  6. Um, excuse me folks! Why are we not shopping product that has been tested and approved by a family member????

    Also, I would share my discount w/family.

  7. I liked this can configure it a lot of different ways and it's pretty decent looking.

    Great to see you guys tonight! Nick is passed out on the kitchen floor....

  8. Thank you all SO much for the tips!
    (I'm so tired from the play date with poopster Nick and Builder Mama, that I could pass out on the kitchen floor. It was loads of fun.) :)

    Taryn and Pup Fan - I like your idea, but worry Dewi (aka Houdini) might zone in on the side that's not bolted down. After all, five chairs (and my daughter's saxaphone case) haven't stopped him.

    Janet and Builder Mama - You must have the same taste in furniture and dogs; you sent me the same product info. It could work - I think.

    RDM - For several reasons I REALLY want to use your product. Sam looks so handsome behind that barrier! I need to determine whether the width will work. Is it heavy? I need something that Dewi can't push out of the way.

    Thanks again!

  9. We used to have a big fat cushion-poof at the bottom of the stairs. It stopped Jordan and Rufus who both had a healthy respect for obstacles, but nothing stops Georgia.

    We have a barrier up now that keeps Rufus in the tiled area of the house. We used a pre-made trellis and cut part of it to make a nifty little gate. Unattractive, but that might work for your stairs? Like a baby gate? Of course, Georgia has learnt how to open the barrier gate, though not how to close it!
    Good luck!

  10. That's so funny! I guess I should count my blessings that Millie is afraid of the stairs. It keeps her out of trouble!

  11. That's a nice set of stairs and looks like everybody else thinks so, too!

    Any kind of barrier is saying, "Oh, no you don't!" which is translated as "Yes, I can! Yes, I can!"

    Have a good weekend!


  12. Liz: Honestly, if Sam were determined to get somewhere that barrier wouldn't have stopped him :) If you want to order the barrier and return it if it doesn't work, that's ok by me. I can arrange to have it delivered to the Richmond store next week and meet you there to buy it. Just let me know.

  13. Thank you for stopping by and reading my story, it isn't offten that I find a blog about pets I enjoy and yours is one of the few I love. I enjoy the pictures and the cute captions. My dogs act nuts in their older(yet young) age and I love capturing those moments. Come back soon for more stories about the dogs and other orphans I have taken in(two of them were sheep and one a cow; so it will be very interesting.)

  14. @Dina, thanks for offering to do that. I still haven't decided, but will e-mail you either way soon. The Dew man must be stopped!

    @Dirt Road Girl (I like that. Maybe I should become Pet Hair Wearer.) - Thank you! I would love to read about your dogs and other orphans with hooves. :)


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