Thursday, March 24, 2011

There's a dog in my yard (and it's not Jon Farleigh or Dewi)!

You see it?

It's right there.
(Hint: Please click photos twice to enlarge; you'll be glad you did.)

Okay, this is growing out of it.  See it now?

It's an American Dogwood tree; and mine are about to burst forth into beautiful white blossoms.  The Dogwood also happens to be the state tree and flower of Virginia (my home). I just love them, but the native ones take forever to grow...


So you see I've been doing some more camera experimenting in my yard.  I have an Olympus Stylus 790SW (yeah, point-and-shoot) that takes just okay pictures unless there's lots of natural light (and I remember to set it to the correct macro/flash mode). I told my hubby that I wanted a DSLR one day. His response? "Why? Only photographers need those." [sigh]

Here are a few more neat shots I got yesterday. I imagine toward the end of next week, all the buds will be open (and allergy season will be in full swing).

Loropetalum (shrub)
Rhododendron (shrub)

Camellia (shrub)

Red Maple Tree (leaf blossoms, aka tree pollen)

Red Maple Tree
(I love how this turned out.)

Same Red Maple with last-year's
Mockingbird nest in focus

Knock-out Rose (bush)

Bee Balm (later-blooming prolific ground cover)
Yes, bees love it.

Lilac (intoxicating flowering shrub)

Dog's Ear (red/white and blue merle varieties)

Ground cover?

Dog's Ear root close-up
(I decided to dig them up and bring them inside.)
(I'll post photos of the flowers when they bloom.)


  1. Your point/shoot takes pretty darn good pictures! But keep pushing for the DSLR (makes a great b-day gift!) as they really are amazing. My old point/shoot never sees the light of day anymore unless I am canoeing or jetskiing and don't want to risk the "good camera". I use it for the video component as well, but it doesn't film very sharply.

  2. HMMM interesting looking plants!

  3. Sounds like your husband and mine are of the same mindset for cameras. I have a Sony point and shoot that is probably 5 years old (ancient to techie people) and the pictures I really, really want a good camera but I get that same look.

  4. How dare that doggy show up uninvited. But your dogwood tree and your flowers are purrrty
    Benny & Lily

  5. So gald you gave me a poke by leaving a comment :)I don't always have time to get around all the blogs but always visit if left a comment. Great photos you have the eye, love the photo of the bee and daffodil on your last post, keep pushing for an DSLR if you like taking photos why not :)Even a second hand one off ebay it opens up a hole new world.
    Don't worry about spelling George's name wrong I'm always having to re type it!!
    Jan and George

  6. I have a DSLR that I use like a point and shoot!

    Years ago I was an SLR snob with a light meter around my neck and I even rolled my own b&w film. I had a dark room in my basement and if I wanted color in a photograph, I hand-tinted it. Or if I did shoot color, it was only Kodachrome slide film.

    So, I thought I really wanted a DSLR - but it has frustrated me to no end. The rules and formulas that I had in my head for my old Minolta just don't seem to translate to this new-fangled Nikon, so I just set it to auto and go on about my business. I guess I need to take a class.

  7. The trouble is, he thinks I take good pictures with the Olympus (which he bought me to replace my previous 10-yr-old Olympus). I've got to convince him that there's something in getting a DSLR for him (or accidentally drop the Olympus in the river - but I never said that). :)

    Janet, it stinks that your rules and such didn't translate to the new camera. I bet you have some great photographs. You should take a class (coming from the girl who wishes she could take a class). :)

  8. Great photos, you non-photographer you! My daughter, who lives in Fredericksburg, has been commenting on home pretty Spring is in Virginia.

  9. I've been reading in so many blogs lately that spring is peeking out here and there. (Usually accompanied by a daffodil next to an icicle.) This is the first time I've seen real proof! Pretty, pretty. Those dogwood buds (?) look promising. The dog ears are interesting too :p

  10. Beautiful photos!! I especially love the one with the mockingbird nest in focus...very artistic!


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