Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blog Hoppers: This is a tiptoe zone. ZZZZzzzz

As you can see, we (Jon Farleigh was just too fluffy to fit in the photo) are still snoozing away in the Land of Nod. (After all, it *is* the middle of the night...somewhere.)

So, we (Jon Farleigh and Dewi) are writing these Blog Hop instructions for you a day early since our mom said that last weekend, we were rude and embarrassed her with our laziness.

Mom also says that you can look around all you like -- or just leave a note, so when we wake up, we can track you down with our superior sniffers and lick your face.

Your Corgi friends,
Jon Farleigh & Dewi

(Psst, mom, was that nice enough?)


  1. Have a good snooze! You look comfortable in your night sky.

    Hopping by

  2. What a cute pup!! We'll be extra quiet as we're hopping along!


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