Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cardigan Corgis in Wales: It's Time to Get Your Weekend Documentary On

So mom decided that since it's Saturday and Saturdays are for vegging, she'd get all PBS (public TV)-like and treat all our visitors to a cool video about Cardigan Corgis in Wales.  Yeah, actually *in* Wales, and not like 500 years ago or anything, but *last month*. It's extra cool to us because they (our Welsh peeps) are all muddy and running through muck and green fields after a bunch of barn animals. And one lucky dwarf even gets a full-body rub-down for practically the entire video. (We want to go to that place.)

Oh, and Jon Farleigh says there's a mention of his dad Sam's Kennel Yardican in there, which obviously means he's famous.

Enjoy and happy blog-hopping. :)

P.S. No you are not crazy; the video is in a language called Welsh (which we can't speak, but can bark). We think the video is worth watching anyway. Hey, if you can speak Welsh, will you tell us what the heck those men are saying?

P.P.S. Mom says here's some stuff she posted yesterday about Cardigan Corgis being endangered in Wales.


  1. Interesting video! It brings the world closer! Just wish we could understand what they say!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. like that video. No wonder we didn't understand, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  3. What a great video...they all looked so happy working. Wales commenter yet. I'll stop back...I want to know what they're saying too.

  4. Calling all Welshmen/women! Anyone? Hellloooo.

    Sigh. Maybe if I hijack a Welsh Terrier blog, I'll find someone...

  5. That black and white cardi was a real herder! Even the lone chicken in the barn.

    Rufus sez he understands but he's still mad that we brought Nick home so he's refusing to translate.


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