Friday, March 11, 2011

Think you'll find many Cardigan Corgis in their native Wales?

The answer is surprisingly no.  However, a few Mid Wales farmers are hoping to change that.

Cardiganshire, Wales
photo @

I'm breaking from my usual post M.O. today to reblog from the following (brief) article, which recently appeared in the Daily Post North Wales.
An interesting bit of ancient dog breed history!


  1. Cardi power! They are really awesome dogs, I hope the Welsh can keep the breed alive in their country.

    Side story - a few years ago we renovated our bathroom and ended up with construction debris in the drain, so we had to get the plumber come out to blow the drain line out. This curmudgeonly British man showed up, and Rufus greeted him with his usual barking. The man wrinkled up his nose and said, "I'm not a fan of the Corgi." I said, "Is it because he's a Corgi, or because he's Welsh?" His reply: "Both."

  2. Ha! I had always assumed until recently that corgis were plentiful and well-loved in all of britain. Guess not. Interesting dynamic between brits and welsh. :) I'm both by heritage.

  3. That is a beautiful landscape picture! I've always been interested in Wales because my grandfather and grandmother came from there. My grandfather came to America and went to work in the coal mines when he was 12 years old. All I've ever been able to find out is that his family lived in Pontypridd. I wonder if that's why I love corgis so much!? Interesting post!

  4. Becky - Wow, you do have a strong (and relatively recent) tie. My heritage is tied to my maternal grandfather Vaughn.
    My hubby's family immigrated from Ireland and Scotland to be coal miners. Hard life.

  5. Isn't this just crazy? I saw this when someone posted it on Facebook. Interesting that the Pembroke is so much more popular. You found a beautiful picture btw. =] Love our Cardis! *insert fierce battle roar* Cardi-Power!!!


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