Monday, March 21, 2011

Jon Farleigh does have a 'good' side.

He, in fact, is good on *all* sides. :) I've posted several not-so-flattering likenesses of my fluffy boy lately, so to make myself feel better, here you go. (Feel free to click on the photo to blow him up.) :)

I'm all warm and fuzzy inside now.

Happy Monday!


  1. Ahhh you look warm and fuzzy on the outside too cutie, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  2. I don't know...I think he looks pretty cute in all your photos! Though this one is pretty special! What a cute boy!

  3. Aw, I think Jon Farleigh is adorable. I can't wait for him to meet Nick on Friday - I think they will become fast friends, their personalities seem to be very similar.

  4. He looks so happy! What a charming pup he is.

  5. (I sure wish Blogger would allow individual comment replies.)

    Benny, Lily, Jess and Oscar - thanks for the sweet comments!

    And, we're ready for big Nick, Builder Mama!

  6. He is SUCH a handsome fluffer nutter! Thanks for sharing the pic! =]

  7. He's a beautiful beautiful guy!

    It's a Happy Tuesday for me--Thank you Jon!

  8. Elizabeth I'm so glad to hear that you got in on the Feeder deal! You'll have to tell me how you like yours when it comes! I'm having the exact same problem you matter what I put Cassie's water bowl on my hardwood seems to take a beating. I'm hoping this will bring an end to their decline! It really was a great deal, I just couldn't pass it up! I'm glad you didn't have to wait...I think I was a little overly keen! I doubt they will run out by tomorrow morning!


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