Friday, April 8, 2011

The gloomy grey ghost is back...

....only this time it's got Dewi. :(

Spirit of Eeyore, be gone with you!

Poor Dewi has lost his manhood (and dignity)

Jon Farleigh channeling Eeyore after losing his dignity
 photo originally appeared on 1/13/11

Jon Farleigh is frustrated and thinks Dewi is an alien.
Dewi is miserable and won't walk wearing the Comfy Cone.
I need a vacation, but I'll settle for a weekend.

Please don't lose your dignity this weekend.
Eeyore might show up.


  1. I can look for Rufus' inflatable collar...he liked that better than the Comfy Cone if you want to try it out on him! How did the surgery go? Does JF want to hang with Nick this weekend? Just give me a holla.

  2. Poor Dewi! Hope he feels better soon.

  3. Liz, I'm not sure about the cone, yet. I've been taking it off when we go outside and when I can watch him. When it's on, he won't budge...and he whines.
    The surgery went fine; they found the missing kahoona. It's all good. They've got him on anitbiotics and pain meds, as needed (and we've needed).
    JF's been okay; growled at Dewi last night because of the cone and his terrible antiseptic/flesh smell. He's not trying to frap...yet. I appreciate your offers though, and will shout at you, if needed. :)

    Thanks, Taryn.

  4. Awe, Dewi! You'll be 100% soon. Chewie just got spayed last week--she's been acting a bit mellow lately. But I have a feeling that nothing can keep Dewi down for a long period of time!

  5. Aw... that is such an Eeyore face!

  6. Get better Dewi! You need to come visit your internet friends next week!

  7. Chewie - Thank you, and glad Chewie got through her spay okay. JF was mellow after his neuter (in Jan.) for a couple weeks, but then reverted back to his same ol' self. :)

    Good news - Dewi has perked up considerably - now I'm having to really watch his activity. Fun. :) He's in his cone now, though, and refuses to move.

  8. YOu will feel like new in no time!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. What is up with the cones? By the comments is seemes they got fixed? Poor things.

  10. Dewi, I hope you feel better soon! Millie got her stitches out yesterday, but she is feeling so much better now, that I have to keep the cone on her for few more days to keep her a little bit calmer! I know you'll be back up to your normal speed very soon too! That Eeyore face looks so sad. Make sure you really milk it for some extra treats. You deserve it!

  11. @ydwwyweiner - Yes, Dewi was "fixed" on Thursday (JF last Jan.). He's not digging the comfy cone.

    @Millie - So glad you're holding up without the stitches! We are using the "calming cone" now, too - serves two purposes for Dewi, since he won't walk with it on. :)

  12. Wow! JF really channels Eeyore in that picture of him in the comfy cone! I'm sure JF will get Dewi to perk up soon enough. You can only mourn for so long... ;-]

  13. That makes me feel so much better to hear! Mellow Chewie was weighing heavily on our minds lately. I think that only means extra snuggles and attention for the next couple of weeks. And as we all know, it's all just part of their big ol' plan!

  14. Chewie, I think it must be their bodies adjusting to the hormone changes. (I mean, If I got a hysterectomy, my brain would need some time to sort it out, too.) I'm sure Mellow Chewie will be Mt. Dew caffeinated Chewie in no time. :) Give her a hug for me, too.

  15. I'm just catching up on your posts. Poor Dewi!! I hope by now he's starting to feel better. We didn't have to use the cone for Gus when he was fixed, but are considering one now because he keeps biting at his paw. I can only imagine he'd hate it as much as Dewi.

    Give him a tummy rub for me, please!


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