Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tired of wiping up foamy water puddles and half-eaten, slimy kibble? Check out the Neater Feeder!

Let me preface by saying that I'm generally not a fan of gadgetry, but my hardwood floor was crying "Mercy!" and this deal was just too good to pass up.

A couple weeks ago Jess at American Dog Shopper blogged about a screaming good deal on food and water bowls at And since next week Jess promises an extensive review on her blog, I'm just gonna keep my commentary short and sweet (cause the pics really say it all). If you have a water-sloshing, dribbling, bowl-knocking, let-me-stick-my-paw-in-there type of dog, this could be for you!

size large, in bronze

I bought it for water only, although the design works to keep kibble from falling on the floor or into the water bowl (water-logged kibble is so gross).

I ordered the largest size, because Jon Farleigh and Dewi have special internal water-reservoirs, to hold five-times the normal water capacity of most dogs their height. (Okay, no they don't, but they have very large bladders and can extinguish fires with their pee. No, that's not true either.) :)  The truth is, I'm too lazy to refill their bowls too often, so I like them BIG.

I think I might have cut the bowl height estimation a little close for my no-legged boys. Jon Farleigh and Dewi are tall enough, but had to learn to stand close enough to reach their mouths past the built-in drain.  (By learning I mean I slid them all the way forward and splashed water into their faces. Good thing they catch on quickly.)

This photo is just to show you how dogs with only feet and no legs look drinking out of a large Neater Feeder.

So here you can see where there's water outside the acceptable area of the bowl. This might have actually happened when I tripped over my own feet and tipped the bowl while begrudgingly refilling it. Thankfully, I didn't get hurt.

See how much water went through the drain and into the bottom? (Doesn't that sorta look like one of those plastic buckets you get in the hospital in case you need to barf?)

Jon Farleigh loves his new bowl.

(This is why I don't write product reviews more frequently.) Can you figure out from this photo how the Neater Feeder dismantles? Jon Farleigh and Lula thought I should show you. :)
So you can figure it out, right?

Now be sure to check out Jess's better review next week. ;)

Note for cat households: The Neater Feeder comes in smaller sizes and would work well for cats who like to shake their kibble violently, thus spraying small fragments of it into all corners of the room. Am I the only one who has a cat like this?


  1. Waaait a can JF eat when he's used to lying in repose to eat?

  2. Well, that would be really mean of me to ruin his meals/rest time. :) They still eat out of their little puppy bowls 2x daily. I only bring food bowls out for meal time (like maybe five minutes per day, including prep and clean up).

  3. It looks like the bottom portion (the water catcher) could be used as an emergency litter pan in a pinch. Back in the day, when I had cats, mine would have been more than happy to use it, with or without litter in it! I wouldn't want to ever forget to put the bowl section back on....or there might be a surprise waiting :-)

  4. Taryn - Ew. I had not thought of that, but will remember it in case the basement - where the litter boxes are - ever floods. Double ew.

  5. Well, thank goodness. I'd hate to see JF inconvenienced in any way! Rufus' bowls stay down all day...Nick's are too but Rufus does a good job of making sure they stay clean.

  6. Interesting but it looks like a monster to us
    Benny & Lily

  7. I love your blog--I don't plan to buy the feeding station--but I love your blog. In fact...I was away at a clergy conference/retreat for 3 days and I missed my Corgi so much (husband not QUITE as much) that at night before bed I read all the corgi blogs I could find, beginning with yours. Your sense of humor and your doggies really resonated with me. And now I'm back home with a corgi velcroed to my side and life is good again.

  8. Oh our cats pick up pieces of MY kibble with their paws and put it MY water dish to play with it. They also play with their food. Great review!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. @Benny and Lily - I mearly fell over when I opened the shipping box. It looked like a monster to me, too. :)

    @Peggy - THANK YOU; I've already printed and framed your comment (okay not really), but I might read it a couple more times. :)
    I'm glad you're back home with your velcro corgi.
    P.S. I won't tell your hubby that you missed the dog more if you won't tell mine that I like my dogs more. :)

  10. @Oskar - That's very rude. Bad cats.

  11. Our kittehs "dip" to drink. Take one paw dip into water and lick off paw and repeat... sometimes they get a little too much on the paw and shake the water violently off and spray it on the lovely kitteh in the window puke wall paper =)

  12. It is pawesome!
    I have no problem with my kibble but with water?? Oh-boy... how I like to splash it!
    Thanks for the review!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. @Kim - I used to have a dipper; he also ate hair. Crazy kittehs!

  14. You must have some very large floor space, those feeders look huge! Fortunately, that's one thing we don't need here. Georgia eats everything in her bowl in under 20 seconds...she cleans up after herself and Rufus too. And oh, she doesn't do dog water bowls. She likes drinking from water pots that hold plants and stuff *sigh*

    "Dogs with only feet and no legs" - that's hilarious! :)

  15. Georgia - It is huge, and I hated it at first, but it's grown on me (tucked into our eating nook). The boys eat their meals in under 20 seconds, too. Can't be good for them. :( Georgia is a character! Thankfully, my no-legged boys can't reach much by way of pots...or toilet bowls. :)


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