Monday, April 4, 2011

Love - Hate Relationship II (I still hate you)

I hate you.

I really hate you.

Mom, I hate him.

I want to cut you.

Yo, where is the love?


  1. That is the look I get from Nick all the time when Rufus won't let him love on him. As in, "What? You can resist my charms? Duuuude." You can definitely tell that he's related to Jonny!

  2. That sure is one pissy-faced cat! I was expecting to see a paw swipe picture with JF's nose getting nailed!

  3. Thanks, Paige and Dexter. ;)

    @Taryn - No, Tigger is too terrified to actually cut JF, but I know she'd like to see him mortally wounded. He somehow misinterprets her death stares as googly eyes. It's really quite pathetic. :(

    @Liz - Maybe one day Tigger *and* Rufus will cave to the Yardican boys' charms.

  4. BOL! That kitty has a face of a murderer...scary stuff!

  5. OMG, another LOL moment. Where is the love indeed, JF! Not to be catty, but THAT'S A C-A-T, so please watch out! They HURT! Sorry for screaming so much.

  6. Well, the heads out boys, just a couple more pushes!

  7. Now there's a set of photos that truly express what Tigger is thinking about about canines! Your cat sure does look upset but he is still gorgeous!

  8. @Teacher's pets - Thank you; I think so, too. :)

  9. No love indeed. I dunno how Tigger can resist JF's charms though! His face says it all! I love that you caught this and posted it "in time." hehe


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