Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Funny - Sleeper

Pillow or Oxymoron?

Original photo edited at using cartoon effect only in painted areas. (Hint: Great for disguising smudged stainless appliances and pet hair tumbleweeds.)
Decorated with silver frame border.


  1. :D Elizabeth, I'm such a fan! I love reading The Chronicles of Cardigan! Not only are the boys great, but your stories and captions are the best! Please keep up the good work! Btw, Alice thinks Dewi is "sooo dreamy"! Apparently, they're like the Jonas Brother's of Cardigans. :D

  2. like that picture
    Benny & Lily

  3. That is Nick - I've been saving up a file of pictures of various odd sleeping positions to do a post on soon. I swear he would sleep hanging off of a cliff...when he sleeps, that is....

  4. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Our first baby was a Corgi named Itzi. She was a Pembroke, but just as wonderful as a Cardigan, I'm sure. Anyway, she was just the best dog. We miss her.
    And thanks for the great suggestion on hiding dog hair tumbleweeds. Our house if overrun by them!

  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone.

    @Ana - Dewi's blushing (and so am I). :) Unfortunately (or not), he's losing his kahoonas on Thursday. He would still like to be Alice's dreamboat, though. :) (Alice is pretty dreamy herself.)

    @Liz - Can't wait to see Nick in all his sleep positions (if you can catch him, that is). Please don't let him sleep on the edge of a cliff.

    @Barb - Thanks for stopping by, too! I'm sure Itzi (was her middle name Bitzi?) was a doll. :) Sure wish I could photoshop my floors in real life.

  6. I am not so sure that is a very comfy position for a nap! Hmmm...
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. He's losing his kahoonas? And there he is, sleeping like a baby, unaware of the knife about to drop. oh, the bliss of ignorance :)

  8. Love the picture! I LOVE all corgis in whatever color but if I had a favorite, it would be the blue merle. Dewi is so handsome!

  9. @Lorenza - No, I certainly wouldn't choose to use a fridge as a pillow. :)

    @Georgia - Yep, he has no idea; won't even get the chance to kiss the kahoonas goodbye (poor little guy).

    @Becky - We love the merles, too. Although, I'm with you, they're great in ALL colors!


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