Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Relativity of Letting Loose

I love this photo of Jon Farleigh. He was watching one of our three feral neighborhood cats. He looks so thoughtful. He's so restrained - thanks to the door. If I had let him loose, he'd have rocket propelled his stubs-for-legs into oblivion, only to end up winded and cat-less. Will he never learn?


Last Saturday my daughter and I let loose. We impulsively drove to the local cineplex for buttered popcorn - only. No movie. The thrill of getting past the ticket kiosks and out the front door without being apprehended by theater security left us breathless.

Reflecting back on it, I don't know which is more pathetic, considering purchasing movie popcorn sans movie "letting loose," or paying eight dollars for it!


So if you were to "let loose" with your pet, or allow your pet to "let loose," what would that look like?  (No answer will be considered too pathetic.)  


  1. Cat/possum/food some lazy human threw on the ground instead of in the bin >> Georgia running after it >> blood (on dog/cat/possum depending on who's the better fighter) or chuck-up/diarrhea >> angry worried humans >> DR DOG.

  2. Well, I wouldn't recommend letting loose with Georgia anytime soon. :(

    I think my letting loose would be allowing JF and Dewi an all-you-can-eat deer poop breakfast and then confining them to a remote patch of grass in a field until it "passed."

  3. Your question assumes there is any modicum of control in my house as it is.

  4. Basically, giving them free reign to chew/shred/mutilate any form of cardboard is a guaranteed good time in our house! That and feeding Nick's shoe fetish with an old pair of shoes. Right now, those would be eelskin stiletto boots that were destined for the trash, yet he adores them and slings them all over the house.

  5. Ben would vote for an endless supply of table scraps and being allowed to eat grass.

  6. Bella has a tendency to flee... her nose would lead her astray, so I think I'd prefer if I didn't let her loose! :)

  7. @RDM - Yeah, but it's all relative. Even tho you've implied chaos, at least Sam hasn't escaped and ambling free around your neighborhood looking for love.

    @Builder mama - I can't get past the eelskin stiletto image. You sure Joey wants you to throw them away?

    @Bermtopia - Hi! Mine would rather eat deer poop than table scraps, I think. I bet you have fun keeping Ben from eating grass (not).

    @Pup Fan - No, I'd never literally let mine loose either. Who knows where they'd go.

  8. I would be interested to let Chester and Gretel loose on one of our favorite trails. Someone could be stationed at the top, I could let them go, we could radio each other and then we could time how long it took them to get ther. I bet seconds :) That is only a dream though. If I let them off leash they would never come back.

  9. Two ways Reese would be in heaven if we let her "let loose":

    1. Letting her lick/nibble the comforter til there's a bare spot at bedtime.
    2. Letting her bark her head off til she's hoarse at every cat/dog/kid/bike/person that passes in front of our house.

    Ok, there's a third: Letting her chase roller blades/skateboards/bikes until she can savage those darned tires that so drive her crazy into shreds! (Blasted technology anyway!) ;-]

  10. lol! Totally unconventional. That's letting loose in my book! (And come on, it's movie popcorn) Now I have a new activity to do when the summer rolls around.

    Hm, to let Chewie loose...
    1) She would strive to redecorate our apt. with her eye for shredded trash.
    2)She would also aim to be the world's best pigeon chaser!

    Hmmm, I wonder if I'm holding her back...

  11. @ydwwywiener - They might surprise you if you left scent markers. But, I agree, I wouldn't test it. :)

    @Ashley - You don't enjoy the brain-piercing barking? ;)

    @Chewie - I bet the popcorn costs more than $8 in JC - maybe you could just skip it and say you did. :) Also World's Best Pigeon Chaser sounds kinda prestigious.

  12. OMG...we've always wanted to stop at the theatre for the popcorn only. So glad to know that we weren't the only ones!!

    We can't wait to let Gus loose on the beach...any beach. He was leash-free on the Oregon coast several years ago and absolutely loved it.

    P.S. Thank you so much for your continued suggestions. It means a lot to us and was exactly the reason why we started the blog!

  13. @Lori mom of Gus - Glad to help. If anything else pops into my head, I'll send it your way. :)


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