Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jon Farleigh's mom, Lucy, has cleaned up in Houston!

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi National Specialty (like Westminster just for Cardigans) is taking place this week in Houston, Texas. Jon Farleigh's mother Lucy (kennel name Ch Aberdovey's Infatuation) has cleaned up some prestigious awards as a fine example of this oldest and most wonderful herding breed. Our friend Red Dog Mom (Dina), and also owner of Jon Farleigh's handsome dad Sam, had this to say about Lucy's wins on her blog (Life with The Horde) this morning:

"I'm thrilled to report that last night Georgia's [editor's note: and Jon Farleigh's] mom, Lucy (Ch Aberdovey's Infatuation), was awarded Best Red Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex to Best Cardigan, and Runner Up to Best Cardigan in the Megan Competition at the national Specialty.

The Megan is a champions-only match held each year in honor of the first breed champion Cardigan.  It's the only time Cardigans are separated and judged by color with the best dog and bitch of each of 4 colors going back in to compete for Best Cardigan (the final class is an 8 dog lineup).  It's incredibly prestigious to win any of the color classes not to mention the big prizes.  It's especially exciting for a red to do so well."

Video of The Megan winners
(Lucy is the second red Cardigan to enter the ring.)


Jon Farleigh's littermate (sister), Georgia (Cadnoclun's Fairway Cinderella Story), is competing today in the puppy classes. We wish her and her handler, Liz, all the best!

(We also congratulate and send best wishes for all of our other Cardigan Welsh Corgi friends competing this week -- in performance and/or conformation -- at the National Specialty!)


  1. Hooray!!! I was following updates on Facebook but the person had low batteries and only put "red bitch" - I had no idea it was Lucy until this morning!

    Nick's dad Chase won Best Brindle Male last night - I was whooping and hollering through the house. His mama Scout had won Best Red Bitch and received the Cadno Award in Topeka. Some big paw prints to follow in for these kids!

    We'll have a lot to celebrate this weekend! I'll email you about the puppy par-tay.

  2. Yes, we will (have reason to celebrate). :) I'm so glad for Liz H. and Lucy. :)

  3. WOW congratulations to your mom! What an achievement! Her hoomies must be on Cloud 9. Your dad is gorgeous. What a beautiful example of the breed he is. He's a Champion show dog & he herds too. Hoomie Melissa likes dogs that do well in shows as well as field/performance work. Best of luck to your littermate sister! Me hope she wins big!

  4. Impressive! Congratulations to all!

  5. Congratulations and good look to your friends ;)
    Thanks for your visit and kind comments it made me laugh ;)
    Jan and George xxx

  6. Well it just goes to show that good looks run in the family! It had to come from somewhere! Must feel good to know that experts have confirmed the cuteness though!


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