Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's a SPAM Day

Full disclosure: I have spent the entire morning motoring through my Google Chrome Feedly app to catch up on many days worth of unread posts for my favorite blogs. Now, I am too tired to post anything interesting to my own blog. So, I've decided to take a SPAM day. That means that instead of skipping a post today, I'm going to give you some SPAM (so you won't wonder whether I've fallen off the face of the Earth). (I humor myself.)

So here is your SPAM. You're welcome.

On second thought, I think I will turn this into a dog-related post.

Will anyone admit to using SPAM as a dog treat? I'm thinking I could get Jon Farleigh and Dewi to play the piano and sing a duet to "You Are My Sunshine" for some SPAM. :)

What is the most "outrageous" treat you've ever used to bribe train your dog? Or, let me rephrase; what's the highest value (according to your dog's taste) treat you've used when training your dog?


  1. I can honestly say my dogs have never, ever tasted SPAM.

    The highest value treat in their eyes (and they are very over-indulged!) is liverworst (braunschweiger). It caused their one and only true food fight. Just the smell of it heightens tensions so much I have to be careful to avoid any further scuffles. Use with caution :-)

  2. We never tasted that stuff. We better talk to mom
    Benny & Lily

  3. I used to use vienna sausages. After you rinse the goo off, they can be cut up to very tiny, yet high value, treats.

  4. i LOVE spam, however artificial and full or unmentionables it is. it's a taste from my childhood. fried crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. *drool*

    but enough about me. no, i've never fed G spam but some locals i know use devon, fried and chopped up in small bits as treats. much cheaper and their dogs love it [as does G when she scores some].

    i've used bikkies, liver treats [and what passes for liver if store bought], and fruit. G loves fruit and will kill for a piece of banana. unfortunately, now at over $21 a kg, she doesn't get it quite as much anymore. i know, i know! when did cheap as chips bananas become a luxury item? what is the world coming to?

    i'm really rambling now. excuse me please. xox

  5. @Taryn - I've never tried that liverworst stuff, but I can understand why a dog would like it. ;) My two can't even eat ice cubes side-by-side. You're lucky!

    @Janet - When I was a little girl in NC, *I* got Vienna Sausages as a treat. I still love them to this day, but they go straight to my rear end. :( (If I bought them, they'd never make it to the dogs.) :)

    @GLP's Typist - OH YAY!! Now I don't have to be the only one who loves SPAM! I didn't know it was in other countries. :) It was a staple for dinner (fried) in my house when I was little. In the states, it was (still is) popular in the South. But, you are right, it is NOT nutritious.

    I had to look up devon (it looks and sounds like our boloney). Another childhood staple. :)

    My guys love fruit, too (especially oranges - strange). And string cheese, and hot dogs, and cheeseburgers. :) I can't believe bananas are so high there! Yikes!

  6. I think cheese still holds the highest spot on the list in our house. Nala and I will do almost anything to have a bite.

    Woofs & hugs,


  7. Elizabeth--you win the prize for turning SPAM into a great post. How creative!

    I too liked fried spam with eggs from my childhood. But not enough to want to buy a whole can. I think I'd just like to try a bite of someone else's.

    So Honey's never tried it as a treat.

    Liver is very popular as is cheese. We use salmon jerky in nosework. And she loves blueberries and cherries. I think the highest value treat is whatever she's had most recently.

  8. In my "Southern" life, we would have SPAMwichs on Sunday nights after a big Sunday dinner at lunchtime. This was a broiled affair. One piece of white bread with a slice of spam, a slice of tomato and a slice of American cheese under the broiler. Makes me cringe now! Thanks for the memory Elizabeth!

  9. Summer seems to be the season of bloggy catch up. I think we are all behind. I wouldn't feed Chester and Gretel SPAM. I don't feel it is made from actual food (kind of like Velveta "cheese food") plus is would get my fingers all greasy :)

  10. @Bailey - Cheese is ALWAYS a winner.

    @Pamela - No, never a whole can! There's enough sodium in there to preserve, well, a can of SPAM. :(

    @Ann - YW - And thanks for giving me a quick dinner idea for my kids. :) (They'd NOT be pleased.)

    @YDWWYW - OUCH! It is to food. So is Velveeta. :)


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