Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Of course it's dog art!

It's even layered...over a cityscape...

And a concrete overpass.

What?! You disagree?? :)

Okay, so Youngest Child took a bunch of photos from the backseat of the car this morning. (More photos - with dogs - to come later.) I hadn't realized the dogs had been doodling so much on the windows. :) I wonder if it's obvious from the outside?
Oh, who cares. :)

Are your car windows decorated?


  1. my car is the exact same....with lots of dog hair art too :)

  2. My windows always have nose prints. It's pointless to clean them because it never lasts. I like the concept of dog art. :)

  3. Yes. My car windows look like yours!
    It is not easy but I try my best artistic qualities!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. WEll, if My Vickie would open the window for me, I woulnd't have to leave my nose prints all over them.


  5. Our car windows are full of our saliva smear too. TEE HEE

  6. in a word, YES. especially when rufus was around. not so bad now. just short hairs sticking out of and into everything.

    we don't give lifts to people. it's too embarrassing.

  7. Oh my fruit. I'm so dumb. I thought that there was, like, dog graffiti on the concrete and I was squinting at my screen to see it...

  8. I bought my car specifically to be the "dog car". I rarely spend much time cleaning it as it's just a waste of time! Eventually the hair build up becomes great enough that, with the windows open, there's a cloud of hair blowing around. At that point, I get the vacuum out.
    And as georgia little pea said, I never give rides as it just too messy for any non-dog people (i.e. co-workers) to see!

  9. To all: Yeah, I've seen other artistic windows passing my by on the road. I just used to never imagine I'd be one of them. My first dog didn't like car rides.

    @GLP and Taryn - I still have to shuttle around kids (but they tend not to notice). If I know I'm giving an adult a ride, I have to plan days in advance. Mostly because of the dog-sized hair ball under the seats.

    @Shanimal - Not dumb, just crazy. :) Dog graffiti. Ha. But then, you've only got cats. :)

  10. we see little one may grow up to be an architect, BOL
    Benny & Lily


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