Thursday, June 23, 2011

On the Road Again with Jon Farleigh and Dewi

This is how dog art happens.

All photos in the slideshow are courtesy of Oldest and Youngest Children.

If given the choice, would your dog(s) stick its head out the window, like Dewi, or watch from inside the vehicle, like Jon Farleigh?

(P.S. The windows were only down for a short, neighborhood portion of the ride.)


  1. No doubt about it.....HEAD OUT the window, tongue hanging, ears flying and nose being bombarded by tiny flying bugs

  2. ooo.. country music :p

    HEAD OUT unless she's clambered her way to the front seat. in which case it's head in front of driver and paw on steering wheel.

    oops. did i just write that?

    lucky, she's got a harness [3rd one].

  3. Rip would be OUT the window (with his whole body).

    Maggie would have her head out the window.

    Ziggy would be politely sitting in the seat away from the open window.

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  5. we wanna try that!!
    Benny & Lily

  6. Lucky you have kids in the car to keep Jon and Dewi corgi taught himself how to roll down the window all the way and also how to turn on the heated seats in front. Now I have to lock the window thingy and check the heated seats especially when it is 90 degrees. Love the pictures!!

  7. I loved your slideshow!
    My place in the car is always the back seat. And I just stay there quiet...
    But... if my mom goes in the back seat too.... I love to be on her lap and sticking my head out of the window!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. I don't roll the windown down for Chester and Gretel because they like to stick their whole body out and I don't want them to go splat on the pavement :(

  9. The youtube link doesn't work. It says that a parent company of some sort has removed it on you.

  10. @Lumie - THANKS FOR THE INFO! YouTube changed the link code on me. :( It's fixed now.

    @Everyone - Thanks for looking!

    @Toyin - Thanks for stopping by!

    @Bert and His Vickie - Dewi hasn't figured out the tongue flap yet. :)

    @GLP's Typist - Yes, you wrote it. :) That's okay, JF used to help drive to the bus stop as a youngster, so he got clipped into a harness, too. Then I got a seat barrier. (Yes, I enjoy a little country twang every now and then. :) Not that Keith Urban stuff though. Hee hee. :)

    @Lani - Did you see Marley and Me? I suppose if Rip had legs, you'd be hanging on to his butt while he walked along the pavement, too? :)

    @Peggy - Yes, no windows down in the back without proper human supervision. Dewi knows how to step on the window button, too. Thank goodness for safety locks! We don't have rear heaters, or that might be an issue, too. ;)

    @Lorenza and YDWWYW - Wiener dogs must be very careful not to become boloney on pavement. :(


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