Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We are too hot...and our faces have returned from outer space.

Although we aren't nearly as hot as our friend, Lorenza, in Mexico, who can't even go outside for a walk, we are still too hot for us! It is approaching 96 F (36 C) in our yard, with 50% humidity. [sigh]

Is it October yet?

Jon Farleigh is daydreaming of cool green pastures in Wales, his ancestors' country of origin.
"Lucky bass-turds."


On a brighter, less obscene note, remember how Jon Farleigh's and Dewi's faces recently flew in space aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour? Well early this morning in Florida, the shuttle, its crew and thousands of "virtual" smiling faces, landed safely back on Earth. It was the Endeavour's final space voyage.

Here is Dewi's certificate commemorating his face's maiden space voyage aboard the Endeavour.
(Jon Farleigh got a certificate, too.)

Hmmm. Maybe I should add "astronaut" to they boys' pages on the blog? :-)

NASA's final space shuttle flight ever is targeted for launch on July 8, 2011. Go check out NASA's Face in Space program to get your (or your pet's) face aboard!


  1. Perhaps it's time for your hoomies to turn on the A/C for you guys!

  2. OMG, that look on Jonny's face...Nick looks just like that.

    Hasn't it been unworldly hot??? The boyz have been miserable. I think they will go to doggie daycare tomorrow and swim in the pool if there are enough openings there.

  3. It has been awful outside! My guys don't even want to go for a walk. I get half a block away and they are dragging. All I have to say is "You wanna go back?" and they u-turn and make a beeline for the vents in the kitchen.

  4. We are still waiting for hot. We get warm, a lot warm and cold...nutty
    Benny & Lily

  5. @Amber - Oh, the a/c's been on since April. It now runs non-stop. :( JF's lying on top of a vent in the photo.

    @Builder Mama - I can't wait to see Nick! I know he has grown. Also, I think one Saturday, I might take the dogs over to the pool at the "daycare". They've never been swimmimg.

    @Taryn - Yes, it stinks. I want low eighties back. :(

    @Benny and Lily - You live in a part of the country where it's kind of always nice (compared to here). I think we might live in the hottest, most humid city on the east coast (aside from somewhere in central SC). You two enjoy that warm/cool weather!

  6. 36°C!
    The same temp we have here now! It feels so good! Even I could go out for a little walkie!
    October... please come ASAP!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  7. 36degrees is pretty hot. i'll trade you for our wet and grey 18. want to do it now?


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