Monday, July 25, 2011

The Many Faces of Wash Day - Dewi

Jon Farleigh and Dewi got much needed baths this morning...outside on the patio...with the garden hose. Middle Child had a blast (pun intended) doing the washing. The dogs? Well, why don't you decide? :)

So here is my question: Based on his facial expressions, how do you think Dewi really feels about this whole experience?

Caption me?

Come on, can't you tell? :)

The fourth photo down is screaming to be captioned. (Well, they all are, really.) Anyone want to take a shot at #4?

Photos of Jon Farleigh coming tomorrow.

Happy Monday!


  1. "Tolerance is a virtue . . . tolerance is a virtue . . . tolerance is . . .

  2. "Hey, watch where you stick that hose!"

    I had to hose the Nickster's rump down on Friday (dang long hair) and forgot that the hose water was probably hot from the sun...he was less than thrilled with me. Bad Mom! He was much happier once I got the water cooled off.

    Question - does JF hate getting his feet wet? Nick despises it. I'm trying to discern if it's a family trait or just Nick being Nick.

  3. Overall, I'd say Dewi doesn't really mind getting bathed.

    For the caption "Whoa! That water is freakin' freezing!!"

    My guys LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to swim, wade, get wet voluntarily, but a bath is the worst, most insulting event ever.....

  4. LOL that first photo is priceless! For #4 I think I'm gonna go with a simple "GOOD MORNING!" :)

  5. Love all your captions!

    Dewi was NOT happy with his bath; he paced and panted the whole time. The water was tepid, but I don't think he liked the feeling of it squirting all over him...or the kiwi shampoo (bad memories). Who knows why some dogs love water but hate baths??? Does any dog love a bath? "Insulting" is a good adjective, Taryn.

    @Builder Mama - JF doesn't mind getting his feet wet as long as it's on his terms. He tried to get into a pond at Innsbrook once. (I've really got to find a place to take the boys swimming.)

    Maybe Nick is just over protective of his studly feet. :)

  6. loving massage a little to the left
    Benny & Lily


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