Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happiness is...listening to cool jazz from the best seat in the house.

Middle Child plays alto saxophone.

Dewi loves jazz...
...and Middle Child. <3

The photos were not staged. Dewi could not have been happier anywhere else. Really.
Does your dog (cat) react to music?


  1. Wow, when I was middle child's age I played the flute. We had a Dobie who would run for the hills every time I played. I know I wasn't that bad but, apparently it hurt his ears pretty badly :)

  2. Your question brings up another old story/memory....

    First, let it be said that I am NOT a singer, and can't really hold a tune. But, I do love to sing in the car :-) myself of course!

    Back in my late 20's (yes, dinosaurs still roamed the earth!), when I had first Cardi Dylan, we were driving to New Jersey to visit my sister. Dylan was sitting on the floor of the front seat, down out of sight. A David Lee Roth/Van Halen song came on the radio and I start to sing along. Well, within a second or two, Dylan tilts his head back and howls along, something he never did. Now I am pretty sure he was howling at my out-of-tune rendition (and not DLR/VH), so I get really animated to egg him on. He's howling away, I am singing at the top of my lungs, and a carload of guys my age go by, clapping and hooting at me. They couldn't see Dylan and had no idea I was playing with my dog. I just looked like some looney in her car! I smiled and waved, but inwardly was quite embarrassed!

  3. That is just too cute! Dante is the same, but it doesn't matter what we're doing, he just wants to be with you when you're doing it.

  4. I absolutely adore these photos! Reminds me of when my cat would hang out nearby when I was playing piano as a child. Speaking of... anyone else remember Garfield's 9 Lives - the Diana's Piano segment? Makes me cry just thinking about it...

  5. Wow Dewi- I didn't think of you as such a classy guy! I love those real life moments that are picture perfect!

  6. Years ago I listened to a classical radio station that played Bach organ music every weeknight at 10 p.m.

    No matter how wild and rambunctious Agatha and Christie were before, the organ chords settled them right down.

    It's funny, because the calming music CDs made for dogs (Through a Dog's Ear) use very simple melodies and remove some of the notes. Agatha and Christie obviously didn't mind complex music with lots of notes.

  7. Oddly, I haven't noticed any reactions in either animals toward music. Neither even really acknowledge it's existence. I know they hear it but they don't seem interested in the sounds. It's possible they don't like the same genres we do. Perhaps I need to dig out that Jingle Cats CD. ;-)

  8. @RDM - Well, maybe it was the higher notes from the flute (certainly not your playing skills)! :)

    @Taryn - That's hilarious (as are many of your stories)!! At least you weren't picking your nose. :) (BTW - I also lived pre-Ice Age - and I still sing outloud to early Van Halen. :)

    @Trude - So true - Dewi tolerates a lot to just be in the same room with his peeps. :)

    @Pup Fan - Thanks. :) I remember Garfield cartoons, but not that particular one (until I just watched it on YouTube). Oh, gosh (choke).

    @OPBaP - No, Dewi doesn't strike me as the classy type either. :)

    @Pamela - I didn't know there was such a thing as soothing classical music for dogs (but I'm not surprised). I wouldn't think organ music would be so calming - but then again, Dewi seems to enjoy my husband's loud trombone as much as the soothing sax.

    @Kristine - If I were music, I'd be offended by Jingle Cats. Knowing Shiva from your blog, I would avoid playing that genre like the plague!

  9. I love how relaxed Dewi's face looks . .she must be really good!! (that wouldn't be the case if I was playing an instrument!)


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