Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My dog's, not mine. You don't have time for that. :)

So today I thought I'd share something that does not evoke happiness in my dog. In fact, I don't know what it evokes in him, but it certainly makes him wild whenever it comes out. (I mean raving wild.)

I give you: Jon Farleigh vs. The Salt Shaker 
(This was the best shot I could get - the rest were blurry.)
 "I kill it for you, mom!!!"
[whining, panting, frantic jumping]

Can anyone tell me what it is about a salt shaker (or any shaker) that could make an otherwise happy dog lose his mind? Has anyone heard of this? I'm sure it's the sound, but whyyyyyyyyy???
(Guess it's better than a thunder neurosis - knock wood.)

Does anyone else have a dog who goes bonkers at benign objects? :)


  1. When Thunder was a pup, he used to counter surf. Someone suggested that I put coins in a plastic bottle and shake it whenever I caught him with his paws on the counter. Something about that shaking sound. I wonder if it is the shaking?

    BTW Thunder just laughed at my feeble attempts to keep him off the counter. He was not phased by the shaking coins sound.

  2. One of my Cardis was completely freaked out by windshield wipers in the car. He would cry and try to hide. Since this is central New Mexico, that didn't happen too often.

  3. The salt shaker? That's wild! Jeffie is afraid of a lot of little things. If the breeze rustles a plastic bag, he's out of there!

  4. One of my neighbors has a fairly big rock in his yard and at night (only) Caeden will bark at it as if it were going to come to life and follow us...sometimes he turns around to go home before we get to the block where the rock is. Corgis. Neuroses. Endless Entertainment.

  5. The vacuum. Old English Sheepdogs always go into 'attack' mode. All of them.

  6. My dog goes crazy if I say "Martha" (my cat's name) in a stern voice. She boings and barks and perks to attention and bounces. Its kind of crazy.

    Both of the dogs also that their job is to break up cat fights, and defend Martha. The slightest sound of a cat fight outside and they frantically start jumping for the door.

  7. those things are nothing but monsters
    Benny & Lily

  8. Lil' Miss Maple goes bonkers, as well, for things that go "shake, shake, shake"! Her favourite homemade toy is a sock stuffed with a plastic bottle filled with dried beans. It sounds like a rattle snake, which might scare the bejeebers out of anyone else, yet our tiny tike LOVES it (lol)!

  9. When Wilson was a young/adolescent dog, he went ape-sh*t for a laser pen. He would chase that little beam of red light anywhere and with all his being! All you had to say was "Laser?" and he would fly to the cabinet where we kept it. Unfortunately, he developed his bad shoulder very early on in life, and the laser activity was way too strenuous to continue :-(

    Even now, without having played the game in years, he still gets excited by the word.

    I never let Jimmy learn about the laser. He's so over the top on just about everything, getting hooked on the laser would probably have been life-threatening for both of us!

  10. @2 Brown Dawgs - I've herd of the coin shaking too. Too bad Thunder ignores it. :) I'm sure JF hates the sound of the shaking, but it's just puzzling (since the sound is so soft) - maybe it's the frequency. Who knows?!

    @Penni - Good thing you live in a dry climate. :)

    @Talking Dogs - Poor Jeffie - he's just a little high-strung. :)

    @Peggy - Caeden must think that rock is a monster. :)

    @Diane - Thanks for stopping by! I bet that's a sight to see - big, hairy OE Sheepdog vs. vacuum. Yikes!

    @K-Koira - That's hilarious! Your dogs must love Martha a lot. :)

    @Happy Barkdays - I think I might have seen that bean-bottle toy on your blog. :) (If not, someone else gives their dog the same toy.) I wish I could give my boys one of those, but they'd destroy it in minutes. :(

    @Taryn - No, we don't dare let any animal in our house get wind of the laser. Had a cat who, like Wilson, would come running out of nowhere (and attack the walls). Those lasers really bring the OCD out in some animals!

  11. Bella hates absolutely anything that beeps... I think it may have started with the smoke alarm (when the batteries get low we have to change them very quickly or we have a panicked dog on our hands), but now it extends to anything - microwave timer going off, etc.


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