Monday, August 15, 2011

My Five to Seven Blog Superlatives (or posts, which in my opinion, are super-something)

Since I'm already being selfish this week, I've decided to go ahead and throw in some narcissism, too. :)

But before you roll your eyes and click the "x" at the top, right corner of your screen, please hear me out.

So there's a blogger challenge weaving its way through the sphere called My 7 Links. I'm not listing the "rules" here because I'm blatantly not following them. Not to diminish them in any way, as I've read several legitimate, beautifully written and informative posts out there, like Kim's and Pamela's and Kristine's.

It's just that I have a burning desire to share some of my "super" posts with you (well, that and I might be too busy to write anything "new" this week) and, frankly, waiting for an "invitation" just isn't one of my strengths. That and I'm just a tad rebellious. (So rebellious that I'd choose to wear the most religious [aka: holey] underwear in the drawer just to "show" my mother, and the police officer who found my crumpled body after the crash, that I couldn't care less about how skanky I looked on the stretcher.)

But where was I?

Oh yes, so starting tomorrow (as I've already challenged your attention span for today), and through Friday (or maybe early next week), I will be reposting (from the archives) my
 (IMO, not necessarily yours), as follows:

  • Most likely to make you wonder whether you've accidentally clicked into the Hallmark company's blog.
  • Most likely to be reblogged at (or any of Laurie's social media satellites).
  • Most likely to get me reported to the AKC or alienated by every serious dog-person who once followed my blog.
  • Most likely to cause spontaneous farts, urination or computer screen ruination.
  • Most likely to have been written by someone with a more serious, caring personality.

So there you have it. Aren't you glad my kids are away for the week!?!

Happy Monday!

(Oh, and a token dog photo - for those of you who just skipped over everything I just wrote.) :)

Quick! Run for the hills!


  1. A quick look at the photo of JF closely followed by Dewi looked like one giant Cardigan with a red/white front-end and a merle butt :-)

    Closer examination reveals that Dewi is about to nip that big grin right off JF's face!

  2. You guys are as cute as ever. Favorite posts? I hadn't heard of that and my eyes kinda glazed over, to be honest. Julie's got those somewhere, I'm sure.

    Just wanted to say hi to the girls, too. I have neglected giving them the attention they deserve. Hello and fanks for stopping by my blog: Tigger, Eva & Lulabelle (Charlie?). Smoochies!


  3. Heya -- I can't wait to see tomorrow's post, the "most likely to be re-blogged at The Daily Corgi" one!

    Drop me a line with the URL when you've got it up, OK?



  4. I like the categories you came up with!


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