Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Post Most Likely to Make the Hallmark Blog (aka: My Most Beautiful Post)

Blog Superlative #1 -  Most likely to make you wonder whether you've accidentally clicked into the Hallmark company's blog
(Also known as my most beautiful post.)

This was an easy choice for me. I only have one beautiful post. :)  Well, unless the photos can qualify on their own, in which case, I have lots (the subjects, not the skills).

Just a bit of background on this post. I still, to this day, don't know what made me stop what I was doing and focus in on Max and his puppy, Sully. Makes me wonder how many moments/opportunities like this go unnoticed/undocumented on any given day. Kind of a thinker, huh? :)

Originally posted on June 6, 2011...

The Perfect Fit

I have lots of (unfortunately, mediocre because the simultaneous shade and bright sun confounded my brawny, yet simple-minded camera) photos from Jon Farleigh's dad Sam's 13th birthday party yesterday -- BUT, I'm saving the bulk of them to show you on another day this week. One photo, however, tells a profound story that simply refuses to reside on my hard drive for one more day.


While most of us were busily reacquainting ourselves with our own dog(s)' red Cardigan Corgi relatives, there was a young boy (I'll say about 12) taking a Sunday car ride with his family.
Not just any car ride, though. It was a ride that quite probably had deprived him of sleep the night before - but not in a bad way.
It was a ride that on any other day might have seemed short, or routine, or maybe even a nuisance. But not this day.
No, on this day, the ride lasted hopelessly FOREVER - until that last mile or so, when his mind-racing anticipation caused all the colored details outside the car windows to swirl together like a giant lollipop!

[short, shallow breathing]

Then -- just like that!
The boy and his family had arrived at their destination - where they had been told to look for all the "older" red Cardigans - who might all look uncannily alike. That's how they'd know they were in the right place.

The young boy was about to meet his puppy.
The puppy was about to meet his boy.


I wonder how he knew?

I think maybe it could've been that the boy's hand and thigh, and the puppy's head - just like the slipper and Cinderella's foot - were a perfect fit.

P.S. The Cardigan puppy in the photo is Sully, and Sully is with his new boy. I edited this priceless photo at fotoflexer.com, using Retro and Cross-Process effects, respectively.

To see my second favorite "beautiful" photo, click HERE.

And be sure to stop by tomorrow for Superlative #2!


  1. The boy looks very happy :) You almost feel like you are there sharing their moment.

  2. Aw, I remember this one! So sweet!

  3. Yep, definitely Hallmark material. What a sweet tale. :)


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