Friday, August 19, 2011

The Post Most Likely to Cause Spontaneous Bodily Function (aka: My Funniest Post)

Blog Superlative #4 - Most likely to cause spontaneous farts, urination or computer screen ruination.
(Also known as my funniest post.)

Folks, I don't presume to know this. I've never actually lost bodily function control reading or writing my own blog. At least not because it was funny. :) Furthermore, I wouldn't be so proud as to suggest that anyone has even come close to validating the claim in this post - except that a very few of you have told me so. In fact, one of my readers (who shall go unnamed - you know who you are) has even suggested that I show some kindness and provide readers with Depends. (By the way, this person knows all the right things to say.) :)

Well, anyway, all I'm saying is I can't pick my funniest post. So instead, here are a handful of posts (in chronological order) that you, my awesome readers, have either spewed, snorted or nearly peed upon (and later told me about).

 Oh, and in case you missed Wednesday's post, I understand that one got a few leaks snorts laughs, too. :)
    And speaking of leaks pee laughs, I'll close with this photo of Jon Farleigh (and some wisdom from March 3, 2011):

    You can pee and you have a nose, but please don't pee on your friend's nose. :-(
    ....or stick your nose where it doesn't belong!
    [Editor's comment: See the yellow stripe? Yeah, Dewi peed on his nose.]

    See you Monday with the last Superlative. (I bet you can't wait.)

    Hope your weekend is warm and spews with fun! :)


    1. You've raised the bar very high. When we meet you at BlogPaws we're all going to expect a laugh riot every time you open your mouth.

      BTW, does the name of your category mean Chronicles of Cardigan is approved by the FDA as an emetic or laxative?

    2. Well, crap, that's not what I wanted to do! I suppose I'll have to keep my mouth shut at BlogPaws so not to let the wind out of your sails (sorry, couldn't resist). :)

      I don't claim to be FDA-approved, but maybe I should pull an Activia commercial (think laxative in yogurt ads) and insinuate an unconstipative effect. :) I should get right on designing a new logo with a big downward arrow on it! (Then again, I'd probably get in trouble with the FTC. Better not.)

      Getting excited for the end of the week!

    3. If you're letting wind out (of sails or otherwise) wouldn't that make you another FDA-regulated product? Like Beano?

      When you hang around with dog people, it always gets back to potty talk, doesn't it?

    4. Pamela - Touche! I deserved to be compared to Beano for that wind joke. :) And to your second point, why do you think I chose to write a dog blog? ;)


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