Thursday, August 4, 2011

Warm Fuzzy on Ice and Just Plain Jubilation

This is Elliot of Virginia, the practical English Bulldog. :)

Photo credit is due to Elliot's owner (whose name I do not know), who apparently caught him making good use of discarded cooler ice on his driveway.  :)

Would your dog try this? :)

(I think Jon Farleigh would.)


And now for the JUBILATION!

My blog friend Jenny at Of Pit Bulls & Patience has some wonderful news today concerning Sinatra, the adorable, former waif pit bull, who is in temporary shelter housing.
My name is Sinatra and I will melt your heart.
(Photo courtesy of Of Pit Bulls & Patience)

If you do nothing else today, go HERE and see what a sweet, energetic dog - who's been confined to the metal and concrete walls of a shelter - with limited human contact - and little hope of redemption - looks like when he finally gets busted free. :)
Oh, happy day!


The Cardigans will return tomorrow. :)


  1. I have a feeling my guys would try it. When we get snow, and then it gets down to the last few piles hanging around the yard, they will go "frog" on one of the piles after playing fetch for a while.

  2. The 2 brown dawgs would eat that ice...yep all of it!

  3. By the time Honey tired of eating the ice, I don't think there would be enough left to lie down on.

    BTW, am I the only person in the world so frugal that I rebag the leftover ice from the cooler and put it in the freezer til the next picnic?

  4. Love that Sinatra! Thanks for sharing his story and introducing me to Of Pitbulls and Patience!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  5. Now that's cool! The Bear and Buddy love to eat ice not sure if they would try that....However, the Bear does get a lot hotter that Buddy because he has a very thick coarse coat. Spends a lot of time standing in his wading pool. Cute pic.

  6. Tucker, Lucy and Jeffie could care less about ice (we frequently clean out our ice maker tray). However, Rudy thinks it's a par-tay!

  7. To all: Well, I forgot about the eating part. Dewi would eat the ice and JF would lie on it while eating it. :)

    @Pamela - Well, you're the only person *I* know who rebags it (and admits it). :) I do know someone, however, who hangs paper towels to dry and reuses them. That makes your ice-recycling habit pale in comparison. :)

    @Chandra - Anytime!

    @Becky - Nice to hear from you! Interesting about Bear's coat. Dewi's breeder told me merles can have coarser coats (than some of the other colors). Dewi's certainly no exception.


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