Friday, September 23, 2011

Dog-Friendly Festivals and the Profile Photo, Explained

One year (and 5-7 lbs. in the wrong direction - but who's counting) ago, Jon Farleigh, Dewi and I posed for that photo over there (both to the right and left - it's my profile picture). We had just returned from ChesterFest (a dog-friendly community festival) where the dogs claimed first place in the "Cutest Dog" contest. (The judges couldn't pick the cuter of the two, so they deemed it a tie between "brothers.") I was ecstatic. The boys, however - oblivious to their "official" ambassadors of "cute" status, were just happy for the public "mingling" opportunity. :)

Tomorrow morning - as long as the sky is dry - we'll be at it again - the mingling, that is. I haven't decided whether we're entering the "cute" contest this year. (What if they don't win? And besides, I think I might like to see some other giddy first-time-contest-entering-puppy-mom get to pose with her dog's blue ribbon this time around. :)

I'z like to meengul.
Of course, there's always the "Dog and Owner Look-alike" contest.  Or not. :)

How about you? Does your community sponsor seasonal dog-friendly festivals? With "dog contests"? Do you or would you participate with your dog(s)?

Have a great weekend! Hopefully, I'll have some new festival photos to share next week!


  1. Very cool event. You better enter the cute category
    Benny & Lily

  2. That sounds like a ton of fun- congrats on the win! Our local pet supply shop has a lot of fun contests and hosts events for the local SPCA, but that's about it. Make sure to get a picture of the winner for us!

  3. How sweet of you to think about somebody else winning! I'd be torn too. :) I go to a lot of events/fundraisers put on by either the local dog park foundation or the shelter I work with. If they had a "fastest dog" competition I might consider entering! ;)

  4. There are a lot here in Seattle. Maybe 15 or 20 in the area in the summer. I am going to FidoFest Sunday but won't be entering any contests. We are just going for the free goodies and to gawk at all the cute doggies.

  5. Oh how fun! There's a few up here but my favorite is the corgi fun faire thats done in md. They have a lot of games to play with your corgi and it's so much fun to watch others do it. It is sweet you thought of someone else winning :) it shouldnt stop you from entering other contests though hehe!

  6. Well-deserved win! My mutts would go nuts if I brought them to festivals, but I do go just to look at all the doggies and meet and mingle with their humans!

    Although my new foster pup will be attending whatever festivals we can find, with her Adopt Me vest on!

  7. There are quite a few up here, but I only go depending on where it's held, and how crowded it is likely to be. Tons of people milling around really isn't that fun for my guys.

    Our neighborhood holds a swim party each year when the pools close. My guys LOVE that, but alas, most years we are away that weekend.

    It's hard to beat the cuteness of a Cardi, so you probably would win again this year!

  8. None of those fun things here! Maybe in L.A. but the Bear gets car sick!
    The judges were absolutely right-on! So much cuteness!

  9. Everyone - Well, we went and we had fun and we can't tell you anything else. :) I've got many pics to share, though, for tomorrow. (P.S. I'm not that sweet.:)

    @Jules - I want to go to the Corgi Fun Fair!

    @Taryn - A swim party sounds like lots of fun! You must have a very cool, dog-friendly neighborhood. I can't think of a place like that near me. :(

  10. Almost all the neighborhoods around my area hold swim parties for dogs at the end of the season. Also the big regional parks open their pools to dogs on the last day. It usually all hits on the same weekend!

  11. There are a few dog-friendly events around. I've entered Chili in a cute contest. But we didn't win. Boo. Anyway, there's a 5K dog walk coming up. Maybe we'll go check that out!

  12. It is obvious why they won. They are the cutest. :)

  13. Have a nice day! For me, the blog

    waiting for you credit for your krásnoupráci by which to divide us through your blog! Greetings from Czech Republic!

  14. Of course they won...they ARE the cutest!!!

    I wish we had things like dog lover stuff in my area :(

    Go bring home more blue!

  15. My husband still talks about being traumatized by a childhood pet contest.

    Somehow they got the idea it was a costume contest so Mike's grandmother, a big time NYC dressmaker, made a wizard costume for Frisky, complete with pointy cap.

    They showed up at the contest first just to see every other dog arrive without a costume.

    They did win a prize, however--for punctuality.

    The story is revisited when my husband is going over his various childhood, schoolyard, and boy scout humiliations.

    Glad to hear your competition was much more fun.

  16. @Barb - Chili's still cute - doesn't need a judge to figure that out. :) A 5k dog walk would be awesome!

    @Harlequin - Thank you and thanks for following from the Czech Republic!

    @Pamela - Oh no! It must have been some costume. :) (Although in a completely different context, I have images of the scene from Bridget Jones' Diary when she showed up to the NOT costume party dressed as one of Hef's "Bunnies." :) At least Frisky wasn't dressed like that. :)


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