Thursday, September 22, 2011

If Hearts Could Glow Like Stars

My blog friend, dog lover and passionate animal advocate at the Talking Dogs Blog recently honored The Chronicles of Cardigan with the unique "award" pictured at left. In case you're like me and aren't fluent in Spanish, I'll translate: "Prize - bright flashes in the sky - black cats." I added the "black cats" part for today's post. :) 

This past Tuesday, in honor of Petfinder's Less-Adoptable Week, I dedicated "The Versatile BlDogger" award to black-furred dogs everywhere, and promised that the black kitties would receive equal treatment. :) So today, in their honor and to thank Talking Dogs for recognizing my blog, I'm dedicating this lovely "bright star award" to black (and mostly black) cats everywhere.

Note: All the beauties appearing in this post are available for immediate adoption (here and here) in Richmond, VA.
For Eva 

If hearts could glow like stars in a black sea...

...would you look up and see me?

I wish I may, I wish I might...

Madison (I have food allergies, but I'm still easy.)

Help your heart glow like a star tonight.

I know hearts can glow like stars in a black sea.

Isis (I have two black brothers: Set and Ramses.)

Tess (Please read what my foster mom says about my unique Tortoiseshell coat.)

Because you should see how my heart will glow when you pick me.


Do you have a black (heart) cat story?


  1. My heart to all those precious kitties. We are way over our allotment but that doesn't mean we can't want them all.

    We will keep our hearts praying for homes for all of them.


  2. Wish we could keep every buddy
    Benny & Lily

  3. Hi Y'all,

    Dogs everywhere and cats too knew they could count on you for a great post on adopting the less likely to get adopted!

    Thanks y'all!

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. I love, love, love this post and how you announced your award! If there is such a thing as a heart cat, our "tuxedo" cat (black with white) Kitty Kid was mine. He was a rescue that enriched our lives until he succumbed to cancer. Still miss him. These days we only have one cat and Miss Skeeter prefers to be an only cat. (My theory about that is that she thinks she's a dog.) Otherwise I could easily be one of those crazy cat ladies ;-)

  5. I am so glad you are speaking up for the cats of the world. I definitely agree black cats are probably more over-looked than any other animal in shelters. Especially senior black cats. There is such a crisis in this country (Canada, not sure how cats fare in the US) and it breaks my heart. I have been so back and forth about adopting a second cat. But if we do, I have determined it will be a black one.

  6. I've always been drawn to black dogs and kitties (I have 3 black and white cats and a black dog!) Zuni my youngest kitty is mostly black and the sweetest kitty you could ask for - thanks for showing off black kitties- they are the best!!

  7. Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone. :) It's nice to know the kitties are being noticed.

    @Bert and his Vickie - Thank you. It's hard not to want to save them all.

    @Hawk CBR - Thanks - it's a cause near and dear to me. :)

    @Talking Dogs - Kitty Kid was a lucky kitty. :) I understand about the only cat (and the cat thinking it's a dog thing). I've had one of those before - a siamese rescue named Thomas. Skeeter is such a good cat/dog!

    @Kristine - I'd be a cat person heathen if I kept silent. :) We have a homeless cat crisis in the US for sure. I was surprised, though, in my adoptable black cat search, not to find many senior cats (of any color). The kittens - on the other hand - are EVERYWHERE. If we could just find a way to get them all spayed/neutered... (BTW - different, but related topic - a local jurisdiction near me is trying to make it illegal to leave food out - in one's own yard - for feral cats (even if the cats have been fixed and vaccinated). Frightening stuff. :(
    Can't wait to find out what side of that 2nd cat fence you wind up on. :)

    @Julie - The black dogs and cats are so lucky to have you on their team!

  8. The poetry of this post moved me deeply and made cry.

    I love and admire your beautiful soul for the animals. Few things in the world are as priceless.


  9. @Laurie - Oh dear. :( Thank you for those kind words; there are few things as priceless as the furries.

  10. I'm so behind... Just caught up with these comments and simply had to post about the jurisdiction near you making it illegal to leave out food for feral cats. Can you hear me howling? I'm a feral pet feeder from way back. I was when I lived in the city and now while living in the country. In fact, these days I'm feeding at least 3 feral cats. Yes, I try to "tame" them or catch them with the #1 goal of spay/neuter and #2 goal finding them a home. It chaps my hide to think of living, breathing creatures of any species going hungry. (Oh my! you pushed one of my buttoms :-0 Sorry for the rant!)

  11. @Talking Dogs - Please, no apologies! It's tragic. Thankfully, the citizen who is fighting the complaint is no shrinking violet and has garnered the support of the Richmond SPCA (among other welfare groups). The public hearing is set for next month. From what I hear, there will be quite a public outpouring in favor of the cats. I certainly hope compassion (and reason) prevail. The alternative to feeding these poor animals is unthinkable.


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