Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happiness is...knowing you've got your person protected...

...from shower danger.

Jon Farleigh: Just stay there and look grouchy. If it gets too close, I'll bark and you run.

Like, for example, this:
Eva: Morons.

(Full disclosure: Although this scene occurs daily [I kid you not], the photographer - on this day - was fully clothed and dry. No eyelid scrubbing necessary.)

Does your dog "protect" you in unconventional places?

More happy tomorrow...


  1. Cute pictures! At our house one guy lays by my chair, one goes outside to walk the perimeter. Then they switch! I like to think they think they are protecting me. We wish you a Happy Day!

  2. In the mornings my 2 dogs, plus my parents THREE dogs follow me around everywhere. (Staying with the rents for a bit) I'm the last one to leave in the morning and I can't move in my room because they are all on the bed and at my ankles. They growl at each other while they are all doing the same thing. Too funny.

  3. BOL! Tucker generally prefers to guard me from INSIDE the shower. Don't ask me why.

  4. At least you can feel safe from any re-enactments of Psycho while you take your shower. No one could ever get past two Cardigans unannounced!

  5. Hi Y'all,

    Oh I protect against strange noises in the night or visitors knocking on the door.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  6. we are always ready to protect or hide behind moms leg
    Benny & Lily

  7. At least one or two post themselves at the shower in the morning. They have known for years that showers are very dangerous places and I should be guarded.

    Also, Carson positions himself at any doorway/opening of any room we are in, directly in the traffic lane, and proceeds to nap. He might not bite an intruder, but there's a good chance we'd be sued by one after he tripped on Carson and broke an ankle.

  8. I laughed out loud at that photo. Loudly. This is a familiar scene at our house. I'm not allowed to shower without the protection of at least 2 100 pound dogs. Actually, I'm not allowed in any room without my posse. I wish I'd realized what a photo opportunity the shower thing could be!

  9. I'm so happy I'm not alone! Look at those two! I was kinda shy to post about it but Charlie likes to have his steam baths when we shower. The moment you turn the shower on he runs for the bathroom! Then afterwards he just trots out all steamy and shakes the dew off lol. I figure the heat helps his joints :) I also pretend he's protecting me from the scary things in my imagination while I shower haha.

  10. @Becky - Of course they're protecting you! :)

    @Veronica - I'd love to see that! Talk about overprotection! :)

    @Tucker's mom - In the shower? Well, JF and Dewi have tried that, too, but don't care for the indoor rain much. :)

    @Taryn - No, no one or thing's getting past them unannounced. It's doubtful, however, that there'd be any protecting after the annoucement.

    @Hawk CBR - Well, I hope the strange noises in the night are few and far between. :)

    @Benny and Lily - Protecting from behind the leg takes some skill. :)

    @Jenn - Well, seems I'm not the only one with shower guards. :) I think Carson has the right idea - as an intruder snare (as long as you don't get sued). Funny!

    @Talking Dogs - I think your 200-lb. posse might be a little more intimidating to "danger" than my nervous, 40-lb ninnies. :) Oh my!

    @Jules - Charlie is one smart pup taking advantage of the shower sauna. :)
    Maybe I should be a little more shy about posting shower stories. :) Nah.

  11. You're lucky you have such good protection. Anyone could walk into the house and steal the piano without Honey letting out a peep. :)


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