Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happiness is...being the perfect height... fit in between your human's eyes and the "cat placemat".

She has so many placemats. :)

Eat your heart out, doggies.
We've got a surprise "donation" tomorrow!


  1. The computer seems to be Lucky's favorite placemat! BTW, my first child was a pembroke. She was a great dog. I'm sure cardigans are just as great!

  2. @Barb - I hope Lucky is doing well at his new foster home. :) My cats like to use the keyboard "mats" too. :)
    I am biased, but I do think the Cardis are pretty great. :) I'd love a Pem one day, though, I think. Every time I see one in rescue I have to talk myself out of it (not that my husband would ever concede to a third dog). :)


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