Friday, September 16, 2011

A Less-Adoptable Carol (Because Even Scrooge Ought to Love Us)

(with apologies to Charles Dickens)
Molly, as the "Spirit of Less-Adoptables Past"
Do I look like a bit of undigested beef to you?

Eva, as half of the "Spirits of Less-Adoptables Present"
Hey, you. Look at me, down here. I love you.

And Lulabelle, as the other half of the "Spirits of Less-Adoptables Present"
This "spirit" isn't supposed to look scary, you know. Mind if I curl up in your lap?

You know I can't show you the "Spirit of 'Less-Adoptables' Yet to Come." It would be disturbing. Haven't you seen the movies?


Okay, seriously, did you know that many cats and dogs (like my three "spirits" up there) are passed over in shelters simply because they're black? It's true. And that's why I've pledged to help Petfinder with this:

Even if you're not looking to adopt a pet right now, after my next post on this subject (date next week TBD), you'll never look at black fur the same way again.

Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

P.S. If you must know how I came up with the Scrooge theme (read: in case you think I'm crazy), comment me. :)

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  1. Thanks for doing this you guys. And please don't forget to stop by Finn's Comment-A-Thon to be entered into our random drawing. The winner receives a donation of up to $100 in their name to the rescue group or shelter of their choice.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I never knew black furred animals were less adoptable :( can't wait for more info!

  3. That's crazy talk. Hope every buddy finds a forever home
    Benny & Lily

  4. How odd, I've always been inclined to adopt black ones. In fact, they have been the most popular in my family. I am surprised. Guess I'll keep adopting black kittens. Now, to get one that smart enough to stay away from the coyotes without having to be a house cat? that's a whole other project.

  5. I've speculated in the past that the reason black pets are adopted less often is because it's harder to see brown eyes against dark fur.

    Eyes are so expressive to people and I could see that being a factor.

    And since no one else has asked--how did you come up with the Scrooge theme? It was cute but quite a mouthful.

  6. Wow. I never thought of people not wanting to adopt a pet because they are black. I guess is make sense if you are superstitous.

  7. @Tucker's mom - We couldn't not do it. :) Hope you got many more hits on Finn's comment-a-thon. Thank YOU for doing that.

    @Jules - That black furries are less adoptable was news to me, too. :(

    @Jenn - Clearly, I've had several black pets, too. (They chose me.) :) Cats definitely don't mix with coyotes - yikes. Hope you find a way to eliminate that (before the kitties get eliminated).

    @Pamela - You probably have a point about black dogs and eyes (although I still remember Molly's soulful eyes, searching my face from the back of her cage, like it happened last week - but then again, I don't believe I was meant to see any other dog that day). :)

    As for the Scrooge theme - a [clumsy] mouthful, I agree :) (BTW - I think I'm the one who thinks I'm crazy) I wanted to include Molly "in spirit" without wigging people out too much, so, of course, the first thing that popped into my head was A Christmas Carol. (Not exactly Petfinder material, but I'd work with it.) Anyway, what you see is my best shot after over an hour of do-overs. There was no turning back!

    @YDWWYW - I agree that, sadly, superstition could have something to do with the cats (btw: many shelters freeze - or become hyper-vigilant about - adoptions of black cats in the weeks before Halloween). I wonder how many more hundreds of years it will take before those superstitions are forgotten? In my experience, black cats are some of the friendliest, most affectionate cats around.

  8. Thanks for helping the animals!!!!

  9. @Rumpydog - I hope it helps. :)

    @All - In my blog hopping today, I discovered a poignant post that sheds great light on the black fur phenomenon:

    The last part is heart-breaking. :(

    Anyway, I intend to share the link in my next less-adoptable post, but thought I'd share here first - since the questions have come up.

  10. Important post! Thanks!

  11. Thank you for this post!

    I couldn't believe it when I learned that tortoiseshells are passed over in shelters--I've always thought they were so beautiful.

    If I ever get my two pittie fosters adopted out, I'm going to foster a black dog. And get him/her a pink leash and collar--I've found a little splash of color really helps the photographs stand out a bit more!

  12. @Kirsten - Thanks for the note, and I'm right there with you about the torties. I see them in foster/shelters even more than the solid blacks (maybe because they're more common?). I think not everyone finds the fur so beautiful.

    Nice point about the collars on black dogs. I agree that there are a few things (including brightly colored accessories) that could be done to make them more visible/photogenic. :)


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