Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look a'here! We donated today's post... invaluable guide to surviving a power outage - from a dog's perspective - to our local community!

Because taking back a donation is rude, please go see it at Richmond Pet Lovers (dot) com. No gasoline necessary! 

Dewi: Dude, get up here and smile; the mini-peeps are coming.


  1. Bear and I intend to post on the refrigerator. Good advice! (lol)

  2. That was great advice with humor!! Made me laugh (and my little dogs too!).

  3. That was great! We took careful notes. My favorite was the crate pics lol.

  4. Thanks, everyone. :) It's interesting to look at things from a dog's perspective. :)

    @Robin - Thanks for coming by and leaving a note!


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