Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pictures of a Fall Festival Gone to the Dogs

As promised, a ChesterFest "doggie" photo dump. :)

First up: Some of the "Cutest Dog" competition
I think the girl should have won for "cutest person." :)

These two were also entered in the "Best Dressed" category. :)

There were FIVE Chihuahuas entered!

And a lovely Standard Poodle.

And finally, here we are "hamming" it up. (It was Dewi's idea.) :)

You think Dewi went too far "staring down" the panel of judges? While squatting? :)

This is right after the winners' announcement. Big Dog-Dad tried to remain calm (while Poodle dad celebrated for him). :) (Beats me why we all look so surprised.)

A few contest "spectators":
Sweet Golden Retriever service dog

Polite hound mix

A camera-shy Boxer pup (who won for "Best Trick" - he rolled over). (Don't you love those wrinkles?!)

We met this huge Newfoundland at the Petco tent.

This is what a Newfie looks like with two Corgis attached to its rear. :)

"Hi, Mom."

See you next time!

Hope you're having a fun Tuesday! :)


  1. They would definitely win for Most Photogenic dogs - the camera obviously loves them!! Your pictures always make me smile :)

  2. All beautiful dogs ... and it looks like they and the humans were all having a great time!

  3. You know I couldn't NOT share that photo of Dewi, right?


    Your Cardis rock and make me want to get a Cardi when the time comes!


  4. I dunno... but I thinking the squatting thing probably nixed the boys chance at winning this year...

  5. I disagree vehemently with Julie. Your posts don't make me smile. They make me laugh out loud.

    I really lost it at "Hi, Mom!" What a fun event. I'm seriously jealous.

  6. @All - Thanks. :) It was fun - even with the drizzle.

    @Julie - Thanks. :) Yeah, they make me look like a better photographer than I am.

    @Laurie - Thanks for sharing! I don't know how you will decide when the time comes. :)

    @Talking Dogs - Ya think? So unbecoming. :)

    @Pamela - Oh gosh, for a second I thought I was about to get in trouble. :) I'm glad it was a false alarm!

  7. That looks like terrific fun. Glad I didn't have to judge because I am not sure I could decide...


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