Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting Jon Farleigh to Lie Down Blooper - Captions, please!

For those with taller dogs (or short dogs who are not yet trained to lie down): Do you know how difficult it can be to get a dog to lie down for a treat lure when the dog can touch its snout to the floor without bending its knees?

I give you Exhibit A:

That is me (one year ago) trying to lure nine-month-old Jon Farleigh into a "down." Besides the fact that he had been trained to "down" already (and he knew the voice command, but just simply chose to forget it for this public event), this is generally what one sees when attempting to train a Corgi "down" for the first time. Can you really blame them, though. Helloooo? :)

OK, so I can see lots of fun captions in this photo (from the mouth of just about any living being in it).
Hint: see the other dogs' faces? :)

It would MAKE MY DAY if you would give it your best shot in the comments!


  1. Poodle: Hey Jon Farleigh, you'll never achieve a figure like mine if you don't WORK it!

  2. This could come from just about every living being, except maybe Dewi and you:

    "Sheesh! I thought he was lying down!"

  3. Do you mind if I read the ingredients listed on the packaging first?

  4. I won't lie down if you paid me
    Benny & Lily

  5. JF: Yes I SEE it, but I'm not going to GROVEL for it.

    This was before you started carrying little bits of hot dog in all your pants pockets, right :o)

  6. From the Poodle: "You give dogs a bad name, brother."

    But I just love Peggy's!

  7. Poodle "Thank dog this isn't a limbo contest!"

  8. "Aren't I close enough to the ground already?"

  9. Very beautiful photos and text:) Have a nice day!

  10. Man in orange shirt: I thought this was a "show and shine". Where are all the cars?

    Dogs always seem to know when they've goat your goat. Once they've sensed they have pressed just one of your buttons, they generally will keep doing it. It's like we're just here for their entertainment or something.

  11. Poodle--Look clueless puppy you lay down and get a treat. Simple!

  12. JF ~ "BOW to your Master!"
    Dewi ~ "JF, I am your Father!"

    Older guy w/ Poodle... "Talk about some puppies in THAT shirt!"

    I crack myself up!

  13. Okay, wow. If this was a contest, I think I'd need to recruit an outside judge. :)

    Thanks for making my day - yesterday and today.

    Now, there are a few that bear mentioning:

    @Kristine - Have you been to ChesterFest? If there had actually been a "Show and Shine," the entries would have at least tripled! BTW - The local Chevy dealership had a tent set up just behind the stage. :)

    @Peggy - You win for most likely to be a true statement. :) And yes, WAY before I started using OM weiners.

    @Kim - As if the Star Wars dialog wasn't original enough, you managed to make me question what "puppies" that man was actually looking at! I might have to shop that smirk right off of his face! Nice!


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