Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eat Some Mashed Pumpkin and Have a Nice 'Hershey'

Like I mentioned in my interview on The Daily Corgi yesterday, I often get inspired by other bloggers and sometimes, all it takes is a word. Today's word is "pumpkin." Thank you, 24 Paws of Love! :)

Also, because this is a serious topic, and you are not used to me writing seriously, I have decided that instead of using the word "poop" here, I will instead refer to it as "Hershey." I would appreciate it if you would NOT giggle.  Don't. I mean it.

So as I was saying, 24 Paws of Love recently posted some helpful tips on how to roast and puree your own pumpkin, which when fed in moderation to dogs with upset tummies, works like a charm to firm up the Hershey. I admit, I knew this already. I've tried it before with success; however, unlike 24 Paws of Love, I prefer to take the easy route and buy the pumpkin already cooked and mashed up in the can. 

100% pure, high in fiber and Vitamin A, Hershey-fixer

Why am I bothering to tell you this? Well, coincidentally, a couple days after reading the pumpkin post, Dewi ate an entire (edible-supposed to last a long time-will never give to him again) chewy in two hours and, not surprisingly, wound up with some syrupy Hershey. 

So I gave him two heaping tablespoons of pumpkin with his dinner.
12 hours later, Hershey syrup NO MORE! :)

Mmmm, smells like can!
I love pumpkins. So do Dewi and Jon Farleigh.

I love you with every fiber of my squash-colored being!
Note: Jon Farleigh also had some pumpkin with his dinner, but half as much as Dewi. He missed one of his usual three Hersheys the next day. I would, therefore, recommend feeding it sparingly (not daily and in teaspoon or less quantities) to avoid backing up your dog's Hershey-producing chute. 


Okay, all this talk of pumpkins and Hershey has made me hungry. Does anyone else love pumpkin pie/bread/cheesecake, like I do?

Well, I'm wondering, although never a good idea to feed to one's dog, with the pumpkin pie-laden holidays coming up, wouldn't you think eating its fiber-filled goodness (in moderation, of course) could preempt holiday meal stomach upset? 

I think I'm going to go with "yes." :)

Have great day!


  1. Pumpkin can actually be multi-purpose! I've been told to use it when my dog is constipated(this from my vet when old man Dylan was having troubles going) or syrupy. Also, it is often use as a weight loss additive for pudgy pooches. It is supposedly pretty filling, so if you replace some of their regular dinner with pumpkin they feel full but lose weight.

    I LOVE pumpkin cheesecake, but after all this talk of Hershey, I'm not so much in the mood to eat ;-)

  2. Mmmmmm pumpkin. I love everything pumpkin, and so do my pups! When I worked at the shelter, we would use pumpkin for dogs and cats that were either not giving us any Hershey, or couldn't stop producing Hershey. I always have a can on hand just in case!

  3. "backing up your dog's Hershey" = me almost spitting out my Coke. Thanks for the laughs! :) And honestly, I didn't know about this, so I'll have to grab a can next time I'm at the store. Thanks!

  4. We are going to get mom to make us some punkin stuff for turkey day
    Benny & Lily

  5. Well I was going to ask if they got any whipped cream to go with their pumpkin and Hershey...but I suppose not. lol

    Glad to hear Dewi is feeling better and hope JF is back on track. :)

  6. dear e, jf and d -

    i must tell you i'm now having great difficulty finishing my french toast with genuine maple syrup and my cheese, onion, tomato, basil omelette because the vision of your hersheys [melted or otherwise] is upsetting my fragile mind.

    other than that, i hope your bowel movements are all good again. much love, glp's typist xox

  7. Forget the fibre, pummkin's just great! I love everything pumpkin and so do my bassets. Although I do have to take one for the team and eat the pie, it's not good for my babies.

  8. Thank you for treating this serious topic with the gravity it requires. I will never look at chocolate syrup the same way again.

    Back around Halloween when we were carving pumpkins, it was next to impossible to keep our dog from inhaling as much pumpkin innards as she could. I noticed a definite improvement the next day. Like magic!

  9. I'll never look at pumpkin - or Hershey - the same way again! ;)

    Glad Dewey is feeling better. Thanks for the tip - that was one I hadn't heard before.

  10. "hershey". . .I'm still giggling :) I love when all of the pumpkin goodies start coming out!!

  11. Great tip. I posted about poopie on Monday. Must be a trend :)

  12. ok, this has nothing to do with dogs or poop, but the pumpkin pie & cheesecake slices at starbucks are amazing. this is not pumpkin flavored cheesecake--no. it's a layer of cheesecake and a layer of pumpkin pie, one on top of the other. for real.

  13. Pumpkin has been a go-to remedy for years. It's wonderful and I'm glad it's done well for the boys.

    Unfortunately, I will never look at a chocolate bar the same way again.

    If I lose 10 pounds, I'll know who to thank.

  14. @All - So glad this was helpful for some! I appreciate the info on pumpkin's multi-purposeness (is that a word?), too (@Taryn and @Pit Bulls). But so far, we've only needed it for syrup. No 'kisses' and 'hugs' in these parts. :)

    Who wants a hot fudge sundae?

    @GLP's Typist - I hope you're not eating CHOCOLATE FUDGE right now. :)

    @Bassetmama - 'Take one for the team' :) I'll be taking several for the team, I think.

    @Lauren - Thanks! I'll be visiting Starbucks tomorrow. Yum! Cheesecake Factory has a really nice one, too (but expensive). Ben and Jerry's should follow suit.

    @Pamela - I don't think any amount of Hershey could keep me from eating a chocolate bar. Even one with HERSHEY stamped across it. (Incidentally, it is never a good idea to type "chocolate" so many times at 10:36 at night. I might have to go to 7Eleven.)


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