Monday, November 28, 2011

I Took My Dog Into Tiffany & Co., and Why This Is Important to Me

Last January, when my blog was only a month old, and I was overly concerned about what people thought of me, I wrote a little post called From Tiffany to an Overflowing Toilet in Five Minutes Flat. You should read it when you have time.

Opening Fall 2011!!!!!!!!
Anyway, in that post I might have alluded to having a thing for Tiffany & Co. The jewelry store. And the silver jewelry in the store. And that I was somewhat excited about the new one that would be coming to a mall near me. However, since (as I mentioned above) I was worried that you might wrongly think me a materialistic, sterling silver-dripping jewelry snob, I played off my excitement by making apologies and including details about dog poop and toilet bowl water. 

Well, a lot can change in nearly a year.

For instance, I'm no longer afraid to tell you that I nearly peed myself at the prospect of a Tiffany in my practically back yard. No matter that I can't afford to buy a single thing in it since I left my day job four years ago, it just makes me all tingly inside, conjuring up visions of 1960 Audrey Hepburn crooning Moon River in the window of her Manhattan apartment. Oh, to be Holly for a day! 

A girl can dream, right?

Now open!!!!!!!
Okay, so you know that mall in my practically back yard that is now complete with a shiny new Tiffany & Co.? Have I mentioned that it's DOG-FRIENDLY? And by dog-friendly, I mean that not only are leashed dogs allowed on all the grounds (which are conveniently fitted with doggie watering and relief areas), but that they are allowed in ALL THE STORES?! And, there's a Three Dog Bakery??

You should see their cakes.

Yeah, well guess what certain red Cardigan Welsh Corgi can now add "been to and ate a dog biscuit inside Tiffany & Co." to his resume?

Are you going to embarrass me with the camera?
 Jon Farleigh!!!
Right after the nice sales person handed him a biscuit!

Can you say "Biscuits at Tiffany's"?!
(By the way, I was afraid to take photos of the counters, for fear of being mistaken
for a thief and being whisked away by security.)

Time to go... Anthropologie!
(A girl and her dog can dream about this store, too.) :)

Full disclosure: I took a couple pieces of jewelry into Tiffany to be cleaned, necessitating a return trip. And because I am an equal opportunity Cardigan owner, Dewi will accompany me. Oh, the juxtaposition. :) 

Happy Monday, huckleberry friends!


  1. Tiffany's, Anthropologie, and Cardis--that's like the most perfect combination ever in my book.

  2. Who gives a rats what peoples think! Momma loves Tiffany and we loves Three Dog Bakery
    Benny & Lily

  3. I'll be very interested in Dewi's post on the topic....It's going to be very hard to top JF's Biscuits at Tiffany's! Oh, so clever! You've set the bar mighty high for yourself :-)

  4. Never thought I'd say this, but I'm jealous of JF. Biscuits in Tiffany's... WOOF!

  5. LOL - I'm with Taryn, nice job with the Biscuits at Tiffany's.

    And how awesomely cool is it that you have a dog friendly mall in your 'practically back yard'! Not that we'd be able to bring Bella anyway but that just might be a mall I could tolerate. ;)

    Looking forward to Dewey's report.

  6. lucky lucky JF. i wish we had a mall like that here. damn it! i wish we had 3 shops like that here. no fair.

  7. you have no idea what the malls are like in MT....

    so very Scrappingly jealous.

    you lucky dogs!

  8. Well now that is cool, a dog friendly Tiffany's. :)

  9. Does Tiffany's sell jeweled dog collars?

    If so, you could combine two obsessions at the same time.

  10. Broo and I are jealous every which way :)

  11. Ah, my huckleberry friend, I sense in you a kindred spirit. I love the movie, love the novel perhaps even more, and Tiffany blue is, to my mind, the most beautiful shade of blue in all the world. I am beyond jealous that Mr. Jon Farleigh has been inside a real live Tiffany's, and I'm sure that Phoebe will be, too!

  12. SHINY THINGS! Sorry, I got a little overexcited there! I would be as excited as you are over the whole prospect. Actually, I now need to know where you live because it has to be a lot better than here!

  13. Dogs in Tiffany's?? Wow!! So does that mean your dogs are now upscale dogs?? BOL!!

  14. Gaghhh! I had no idea you too were a Breakfast at Tiffany's devotee!

    Your coolness quotient just got even higher in my book.

    LURVING this post big-time.


  15. I loooove Tiffany's! Those little blue boxes make my heart go pitter-patter. :)

    My hub got me the best gift from there one year - a necklace shaped like a Scottish Terrier. :) I had no idea you could bring your dog in though - I've never tried with Bella since she's the carsick sort. Biscuits at Tiffany's is genius (also, love that movie).

    Forget Virginia... apparently Tiffany's is for dog lovers. =P

  16. I know I'm late to the party, but I'm just now seeing this post and I have to comment! :)

    First of all, HUGE Tiffany's fan here, and even bigger Audrey fan! For our 20th wedding anniversary, my husband gave me 2 pieces of jewelry from Tiffany's - an anniversary band and a peace sign necklace (which I never take off). They're the only pieces I'll ever own (I'm sure), but I treasure them like you wouldn't believe!

    Oh wait - I did splurge on a pair of Tiffany's sunglasses a few months ago. To.Die.For.

    The first Tiffany's I ever went in was downtown Cincinnati. We now have one here in Indianapolis.

    I think it's awesomely cool that you love Tiffany's and Audrey, and that your store lets you bring your dogs. And I agree with everyone else - you don't need to worry what anyone else thinks of you because you're awesome! :)

    1. Thank you for spilling your Tiffany beans, Christina! Sunglasses?! I didn't know they made those! :) My first piece was a pair of heart-shaped "return to Tiffany's" studs. Bought them on a girls' trip to NYC; and I was totally swept away by the romance of that famous "movie" store! My next piece was a simple silver band (ring) with the NYC store address etched around the outside. I'm wearing it now. :) It took a long time for me to get to the place where I could ask for something (from my husband as a gift) without it "saying" Tiffany on it. I guess my enthusiasm has waned juuust a little bit.

      But, getting to take the dogs into the store in Richmond was just the icing on the cake (or the satin bow on a wondrous, Tiffany-blue box)! And you know what, looking at this post just now, I realized the blue in my new Cardi-Cats sidebar badge is TOTALLY Tiffany! Squee!

      Enjoy those pieces you have and the memories and the thought of Audrey Hepburn singing Moon River in her window...because you're awesome, too!


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