Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tiffany & Co. at the 'Dog Mall' - Revisited

Seems yesterday's post about Jon Farleigh having biscuits at Tiffany's struck a chord. Some readers expressed a similar obsession fondness for the jewelry icon, the film, the novella and/or stores that allow dogs*; while others just turned green with envy. Yep. (sad) :)

Soooooo, today, because writing yesterday's post and then reading and reflecting on all the comments has made it impossible for me to think about anything else (well, that and I've been obsessively humming Moon River out loud all day), I've decided to write a second post about Tiffany. Yay!

Is this a girly store?
Except this one - in honor of Jon Farleigh, who is a MALE dog (and probably couldn't care less about Tiffany, and can't even see in shades of blue) - is going to be less "girly." Here you go.

'Manly' Facts about Tiffany & Co. (from Wikipedia):

  • Each year Tiffany & Co. creates a new Vince Lombardi Trophy, the award given to the NFL team that wins the Super Bowl that year.
  • In 1877, an insignia that would become the famous New York Yankees "NY" logo was struck on a medal of honor by Tiffany & Co. and issued to the first NYC police officer shot in the line of duty. The Yankees adopted the logo in 1909.
(Note to any men who are reading this and who have a significant other who likes shiny "girly" things: If you get her something from Tiffany, it will be like she is wearing a little piece of the Lombardi trophy. Where do you think the term "trophy" wife/girlfriend came from? Here is the online catalog. You're welcome.)  

*The name of the "dog mall" is Stony Point Fashion Park and it's in Richmond, Virginia.

Incidentally, I hadn't really planned to do a post about my return trip to Tiffany with Dewi, but since Taryn at A Tail of Two Cardis has been so encouraging, I think I will. And it's going to be so much fun! (hee hee)

I have lots of photos of both Jon Farleigh and Dewi at the "dog mall." Come back tomorrow to see them!                                                  


  1. Well shoot. Somehow, Georgia found out that her brother got to go to Tiffany's and is now demanding to go as well. She's pointed out that she has a yacht and a Porsche so, clearly, she needs something in a little blue box too.

  2. Random facts that are going to make me look like such a smart ass during the next football game on Sunday! Who hoo!

    Also interesting about the NY yanks logo....

    Thanks for the info! Can't wait to see them back at the mall :p

  3. Such fun facts! And an even better reason for all of our significant others to run out and get us a lovely gift from Tiffany's :)

    Can't wait to see all of the photos!!

  4. wait til mom buys you something at Tiffanys, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  5. You've gotta be kidding! You considered - even for one fleeting moment - NOT sharing Dewi's trip to Tiffany's with us?? Shame on you! ;-)

  6. We haven't go to your first post yet but we like your "manly" spin on things. I always like stores/companies that let me bring Chester and Gretel in. I am more apt to shop there...although I can't afford Tiffany's :)

  7. First of all, I am not a big jewellery person. Or is it jewelry? I can never remember how to correctly spell the word and I also hardly ever wear any. Certainly nothing as nice as something from Tiffany.

    However. I am a huge Audrey Hepburn fan. My best friend and I used to have weekend-long marathons when we were in high school. I've always kind of wanted to see the inside of one of the stores ever since. So I am very jealous your dog has done so before me! Life is so unkind.

    Why doesn't every city have a dog mall? Seriously? Who wouldn't love that? So that is two reasons I am crazy jealous right now!

  8. It's not shopping. It's blog research.

    How many times can you go back before someone in the family complains about your effect on the household budget? :)


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