Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Importance of Enunciation When Including a Dog in Your Holiday Card Photo Shoot

When the photographer I said, "Say Cheese!" Jon Farleigh and Dewi heard "Okay sneeze!"

(Click photo to enlarge.)
At least they were obedient, right? ;-)

This is an (obviously cropped and blurred to protect the immature) outtake from last year's Christmas card photo shoot. I haven't attempted this year's photo shoot yet. I still have no idea what I want it to look like. Of course, what I want and what I get are rarely ever the same. :)

So let's see... while I'm on the subject of holiday preparations and festive pet photo shoots, I've got a few other humdingers from last year that I'd love to show you. (Being that my blog didn't exist at this time in 2010.) 

And because over the next several days I'll be running around like a chicken with her head cut off, trying to remember not to forget to buy someone a gift or a platter of cookies for a class party, you might get to see all of them (and nothing else...ahem) this week.
(Hint: It's easy.)
Just sayin'.

Lastly, please know that I have not decided to stop replying to your generous comments, nor have I elected to stop commenting on your wonderful blogs. (See above paragraph for my excuse.)

Just remember: Patience is a virtue.
Thank you.

Now, go have yourself a good night (or morning)!


  1. "Tis the season to be busy, busy, busy. Oh, and forgetful. Love Jon Farleigh and Dewi in that photo

  2. LOL that picture looks perfect to me. It is the busy season, isn't it?

  3. LOL - right there with you, Elizabeth, right there. :) Love the pics!

  4. Enunciation?

    The Annunciation was when the Virgin Mary was taken to heaven. I read the post as if that was what you meant and I am missing the moral or perhaps the morale?

  5. @Penni - Aaahhhhh! I even have another post with enunciation in the title! Stupid English language. THANK YOU for knowing what Annunciation means and saying something. Now I need to go stick my red face in the freezer. :)

  6. You should edit that pic and use it as a Halloween card, beetlejuice style :)

  7. How was that not the picture you chose for the card? That is amazing!!!

  8. Whoops! Annunciation may have been when an angel told Mary she was pregnant -- Catholic School was a million years ago.

  9. That picture is awesome! What an amazing and lucky catch!

  10. Patience is a virtue.

    Photography 101 is a class I should sign my human mom up for! Te-hee!

    I know you are super busy, but you might check out my #WW post today as I have honored you with an award:)


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