Monday, December 12, 2011

You better watch out...

...Cause if you do this again, Santa is going to cry.

Dewi casing the room from on top of the coffee table.

Oh hai. I was just imagining what the world would look
like if I was a German Shepherd.

Note: This is today's Rumpus Report. I couldn't fit it on Twitter (and didn't want to fit it on Facebook).

Don't know what got into the boys today. It started out like any other Monday. Except that I picked up after the kids last night. Well, that and there's a fresh Frasier Fir (aka Christmas tree) standing in the corner of my family room. It smells heavenly. 

Jon Farleigh and Dewi have not been heavenly.

So let's see...despite my picking up after the kids (to, hopefully, avert the daily rumpus), this happened:
  • Dewi dug one of Oldest Child's cherished sock monkey slippers out from under two feet of folded laundry. (Confiscated with only slobber damage.)
  • Dewi found a ball-point pen and chewed off the bottom.
  • Dewi found a pencil and chewed it beyond recognition.
    Note to self: When picking up after children, check between couch cushions.
  • Jon Farleigh, Dewi and Lulabelle (cat) explored underneath and around the Christmas tree, knocking needles and bark all over the floor (the tree skirt, unfortunately, didn't catch it, as it was wadded in a ball in practically another room).
  • Dewi jumped up on every piece of furniture in my family room and office - just for fun. I know this because I got up to go check on him 149 times, just to find him perched atop a chair/couch/table, casually smiling back at me.
  • Jon Farleigh and Dewi barked wildly at the road repair crew that pulled up in front of the house. (I didn't know the road was broken!)
  • Jon Farleigh and Dewi took turns trying to get high enough (jump) over the windowsills to actually see the road repair crew. 
  • Jon Farleigh barked while I was trying to speak into a computerized voice-response service line, and I couldn't get through. (Apparently, those lines don't speak BARK.)
  • Jon Farleigh and Dewi followed me into a quiet room without windows (so I could hear the live tech on the phone who was helping me troubleshoot a laptop issue).
  • Jon Farleigh and Dewi started barking in the formerly quiet room because now the road crew was "trying to kill us all" with a jack-hammer. 
  • Jon Farleigh and Dewi followed me into yet another "quiet" place and (possibly due to raging testosterone levels) simultaneously humped Lulabelle the cat, who rightly screamed, but further agitated them, forcing me (while still on the phone with the tech - who probably thinks I live in a kennel) to use my chin and shoulder to hold the phone, body block the dogs and fling the cat to safety.

The good news is, I have three days left on my laptop warranty so they're fixing it for free (needs a new monitor). (The company probably decided it would be cheaper than paying the tech's wages for a marathon phone call with a deranged kennel dweller.)

Hope your Monday has been peaceful...and that your pets haven't made Santa cry. :)


  1. O how I wish there was video of the dogs humping the cat while you talk on the phone to the tech guy and simultaneously fling the cat to safety. :)

  2. Ho HO HO!!! I think I've lived your life!! And it always happens when you are on the phone, doesn't it?

  3. Oh the joys of working from home :) They are so naughty!!!

  4. What is it about being on the phone that brings out the worst in a Corgi?
    I'm looking adoringly at my two Pems who weren't bad at all today in comparison. lol

  5. Uh oh! Careful boys! If you don't shape up there will be no monogrammed Tiffany collars under the tree this year.

  6. okay...wouldn't it be fun to ask the person on the other end of the phone what THEY thought was happening???? BOL

    I love barking at ANYone outside. I can relate to the Dogs.

    Mom can therefore relate to your phone problem.....hmmm....

  7. Oh, how I love your blog. Seriously (funny):-D


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