Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Of Buckwheat Pancakes, Ham Skillets, Sugar Plums and Rudolph

At my house we have a tradition on Christmas morning of eating pancakes with some sort of terribly bad for you salty pork product - usually bacon - as long as I'm not the one doing the cooking. You might also be interested to know that although it's evidently more nutritious than the Hungry Jack(TM) buttermilk pancake mix that I usually buy, I've never been adventurous enough to pick up a buckwheat variety. I'm terribly wimpy when it comes to trying new foods.

There is a first time for everything though, right?
Anyone out there like buckwheat pancakes? Bacon? Ham?

So who else (other than me - thanks to me) has warm fluffy stacks of sweet and savory comfort on the brain?

Yes? Oh good! Now feast your eyes on these warm fluffy stacks of comfort!

First up: Buckwheat!

Oh, yeah, I'm good for you, alright. Move over Hungry Jack!

Buckwheat (and all the other warm stacks of comfort I'm about to show you) is available for immediate adoption through Richmond Animal Care and Control in Richmond, VA. He is a lab-blend baby just dying to "fill you up" over the upcoming holidays.

And what pancake breakfast would be complete without the savory goodness of a...

Ham Skillet?!
(yes, people, that's his name, and I think it's brilliant)

How can you possibly resist me and a side of biscuits?
Could you not just eat up this little hound-blend baby?

So, are you dreaming of food yet?  Maybe visions of...

Take me home and I'll not only dance on your head,
but I'll dance right into your heart!

Sugar Plum is a light orange tabby, twinkle-toed baby girl, who'd love to make your dreams come true!

Alright, let's see...I mentioned Rudolph in the title of this post, so I have to ask:
What human being doesn't like some of that "misfit" reindeer's story at this time of year?

Remember the classic stop-motion animated TV special? Got a favorite character? Can you relate to anyone in particular?

How about Hermie the Dentist?

Come get me off this island and I'll be your forever bestie!

This ambitious young lab-man might not be able to fill your teeth (thank goodness), but he sure will fill your home and heart with his beautiful smiles!

Okay, so if you know the Rudolph TV special, you know that during that particular year, due to a pesky abominable snowman (and some heavy snow), it was nearly the year without a Santa Claus. [shudder]

And of course circumstances like those called for heroic actions. Yes, friends, the one man in all the North Pole who could (and did) wrangle a Bumble:

Yukon Cornelius!

Bumbles bounce and so might I. But I want nothing more than to be your hero.
Will you let me?

Yukon is a brave young pit bull with a soft coat and a soft heart (behind that tough exterior). He sure could use a warm home and bed lap to take a load off upon. ;)


So I know it's nearly Christmas already, and we're all busy, and that to these furry babies, our human holiday is really and truly just another Sunday in the shelter. And although it would be wonderful if somebody somewhere sees this post and is moved to go spring one (or all) of these furry guys out of their temporary lodging before December 25, I'm not counting on it. And that's okay. I know they are all going to find their true forever homes soon (hellooooo?? have you seen them?? and did you see those names???).

I really just wanted to give you and your friends and family the gift of having the opportunity. I'm thoughtful like that. :)

P.S. I like my pancakes with mounds of butter and (light) maple syrup.  


  1. Wonderful post, as always! What a bunch of cuties! I thought they couldn't get any cuter but they just kept coming! Thanks for writing about them. Tweeting now. :)

    (FTR, I made a Hermie the Dentist joke in my Bah humbug post the other day. 'Tis the season and all that. ;)

  2. I hope they all find homes. Those sure are some creative names. :)

  3. Here's to hoping they're all in comfy, loving homes if not for Christmas, then by New Year's! They sure deserve it.
    I like mine with loads of butter and thick syrup, good hash browns, couple slices of know, nothing fattening ;)

  4. that ham skillet is adorable. Ham Skillet!!?
    Benny & Lily

  5. What a bunch of cuties. I don't know how long it's going to take for me to stop giggling about Ham Skillet though... :)

  6. I hate to echo the others but... Ham Skillett? I wonder if that was his original name of if that's the name the shelter gave him. Because it is such a genius way to get attention! Hopefully it will be changed in short order in his new home. As it is, I may never eat ham again...

    Best post of the season!

  7. Oh, I love it! And Ham Skillet! Squeeee! How freaking cute are all of them?

  8. They're all so gorgeous but, oh Yukon, be still my heart! I hope they all find their forever homes soon.


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