Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Now why hasn't someone thought of that? Dog Inventions

Instead of bitter apple spray, someone should have invented temporary jaw paralysis spray. 

Note: Jon Farleigh did chew the furniture pictured...when he was a puppy. This photo was actually taken yesterday, and while he had been chewing on the plastic bottle, he did NOT eat some experimental canine lockjaw spray. In other words, I made the story up trying to be funny. Doesn't JF look funny? I just made that same face and cracked myself up. You should try it. :)


  1. i make stories up all the time. they're the best! it IS a very funny picture. [sorry JF.] your poor dogs...they look almost as silly as mine lol.

    lockjaw spray. damn good idea.

  2. That is a keeper of a picture.
    We are giggling here too.


  3. Hee hee hee! It looks like a "who farted" picture to me!

  4. Too funny...and good thing you put the disclaimer in.....although I would have been impressed if you managed to cook up such a thing :) I learned the disclaimer lesson when I played up a story to be scarier than it was and someone came back with a nasty comment about how I was so irresponsible and stupid.

  5. Didn't JF's mother ever tell him his face would get stuck if he kept making those faces?!


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