Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our Afternoon of Furry, Drooly, Barky, Somewhat Unruly Blessings

Last Saturday afternoon, The Hubby and I loaded Jon Farleigh and Dewi into the car and made our way to the community-wide Blessing of the Animals at our local Presbyterian church. We were not the only ones who had the same idea:

In fact, for a sunny Saturday afternoon during prime holiday shopping season, there was great canine* representation. 

Large and small

Young and old

Stinky and mostly not

Clothed and naked :)

From many walks of life.

Definitely blessings.

The little doo doo heads. :)

*One family brought their cat. Our three (cats) did everyone a favor and participated by proxy.


  1. This looks wonderful.

    And oh. my. dog. That Dobie pup is the bomb! Eegad, look at his feet!

    I'm a big sucker for the old dogs, too. And of course, the too cute Corgis. ;)

  2. God Bless us Everyone!

    You had some good company there!

    Great photostory!

  3. You got some fabulous pictures! Just love them all!

  4. That's really neat, great pics too.

  5. What a perfect day! Lots of cute fur kids :)

  6. It looks like a great outing to me! I wish we had more things like that here where we could take the dogs along!

  7. Glad to see Doxies represented :) Looks like you had a chance to sniff lots of doggie friends.

  8. Adorable! I am not very religious but I can get behind attending any event with so many gorgeous dogs. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  9. @All - They are all beautiful, aren't they?! It was a blast just watching everyone interact.

    @Leslie - I just want to eat that little Dobie up! He just stood there like that through the whole thing. :)

    @Houndstooth - We have a dog mall, a few festivals and services like this, but barely any off-leash areas in the whole city. I guess it's better than nothing, though. :)


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