Monday, December 5, 2011

Just for You: The Daily Rumpus, Daily!

Make sense? Okay, that's all then. Have a nice Monday!

Well, alright, I guess I could post a photo or two, or five...

Last week's Daily Rumpus contraband: (left to right) new glove, Youngest Child's flag
football medal, saltine cracker sleeve, 3-D glasses, electronic GigaPet, football slipper

So to prove to you that I do not write a fictional blog, and because it's just plain entertaining (to me), I've decided to show you all the stuff the dogs scored during their morning rumpus rituals last week. 

Can you see the crude "peace" sign they chewed into it?

Ironically, this "peaceful" glove (and it's mate, and two other slobbery pairs of gloves) were set aside to be donated to less fortunate children. I naively laid them on the counter just above the dogs' chewie drawer, beside a tennis ball. Silly me. :)
(By the way, the less fortunate will still get their gloves, and some hats, too. Courtesy of JF and Dewi.)

Jon Farleigh is willing the cat to toss him the slipper.

See? She's not buying it, though.

If Cardigan Corgis were just two inches taller, life as I know it would be dramatically altered.

And just for you - because I know you can't get enough of the boys being naughty - and I need to expand my social media horizons - starting tomorrow and each weekday, I'll be posting on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter the morning rumpus contraband of the day.  

I wonder what JF and Dewi will score tomorrow? 
Be sure to watch Facebook or Twitter to find out!


  1. love that look on the last shot!

    speaking as a human to a tall dog, you certainly have to watch where you place the meat on the kitchen counter. comprende?

    you're so industrious. i've given up trying to get any more followers or interest in Ms G's blog :O poor girl needs a new agent/publicist. you want the job?

  2. well. the cat certainly knows what's up!

    too funny.

    need taller cupboards, tables, and a camera...just so we can watch it all unfold!

  3. Haha they certainly did a job on the glove. :)

  4. I have a file somewhere of *stuff* Knuckles ate. If I started a similar file for Bernie, I'm pretty sure we could fill the Library of Congress!

  5. Fred likes to countertop surf. He figures anything left in reach is fair game! Gloria just sits and waits for the haul.

  6. BOL they did a real number on that glove
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola

  7. Thank goodness they're short. :)

  8. @GLP's Typist - I think even my short stacks could find a way to bring meat off the counter. NO MEAT goes on the counter unsupervised. ;)

    I'm hoping that my rumpus reports will keep me from boring my existing FB and twitter fans to tears. :) I'll be happy to bore your fans to tears, though, if you want me to!

    @JAB - Uh oh. That's a lot of stuff!

    @Bassetmomma - I suppose Bassets are a little longer in the back than Corgis, enabling them to reach counters. So sorry. :)

    @Nola - Yes, and JF is finishing it off as I type. Why buy a toy when a ripped glove will do? Thanks for following! :)


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