Friday, December 16, 2011

Which came first, the crazy blog or the crazy blogger? aka My 2010 Doggie Holiday Card

The official start date of this blog is December 29, 2010. Here is that first post, from the archives.


My daughter and I had fun making the card. :)  It really was sweltering the morning that I took the picture, but I just had to get the fire in the shot.

Here's my original post on MyCorgi.

2011 Editor's note: We had fun MAKING the card (at But because this was my first blog post and I was too timid, I was ashamed to come right out and say that I'd rather take a sharp stick to my eye than repeat that miserable photo shoot

I'm so glad I no longer have to pretend that I have a corn cob lodged, well, you know where!!!
(What a difference a year makes.)


So there you have it, folks. The finished product of the nightmarish photo shoot. I guess it was worth it.

Would you like to see a couple other uncut photos from that day? Yes? Okay, here you go.

Do you smell burning hair?

We're sorry, you must have us confused with dogs who would
do anything for their unbalanced person. 


It's a crazy time of year. Try not to go crazy this weekend!


  1. They are cute photos and the card is wonderful! Just love it.

  2. every day is another day to love your doggies even more!

    Happy Holidays, hot fires and all :)

  3. What a difference indeed. I've become heaps ruder and more opinionated (too).

    But then again, maybe that's not possible.

    So you're with Jean? She just lost Charley. I feel so sad for her. I've been following their story for a year and sometimes, I think I know them better than the dogs next door.

    Bad year. BAD and sad.

    Great Xmas card btw. Very funny especially the bloopers :)

  4. Love your blog and reading about your Corgi's. So I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Check out my blog for details. There are a few requirements, but simple to do. Congrats!

  5. I just came over from Basset Momma to follow you. You are mentioned over there. Love your blog and all the pictures. Beautiful. Hope you like kitties. There are three of us.

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles

  6. So, were you crazy to start blogging? Or crazy to keep it up?

    I love the card.

  7. crack me up! It's so true (about that corn cob thing). For what it's worth, the card was great. ;)

  8. I'm so glad you've "let your hair down" because I couldn't imagine you any other way. I love your humor and look forward to every post!


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