Tuesday, January 3, 2012

'Tis Time for Me to Acknowledge the Awesomeness of People

For starters, these award-winning bloggers:
  • 2 Brown Dawgs' mom at 2 Brown Dawgs  - owner of two beautiful and talented Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, and awaiting the addition of her third, a puppy
  • Ellen at Pupparoos - super blogger (she has three) and parent to Stewie, a mighty little rescue dog, and Tucker, a fuzzy baby Sheltie who will make you gasp (he's that cute)
  • Irene at Harlequin - mother, animal lover and talented digital scrapbooker in the Czech Republic
  • Janet at Basset Momma - servant of Basset Hounds, Fred and Gloria - what more can I say?
  • Lauren at Life with Desmond - doting parent of crazy (her word) rescue dog, Desmond, and dog trainer-to-be
  • Leslie at Bringing up Bella - passionate dog rescue volunteer and patient parent of Bella, a recovering former street dog transplanted from far-away Puerto Rico
  • Mary at Bermtopia - brilliant writer and dog mom to Ben, an adorable Aussie blend with a piercing dry wit
  • Scrappy's mom at Yorkie Tails - typist for the born-Irish and now Minnesotan terrier, Scrappy, who just brims with inspirational anecdotes
  • Sue at Greyhounds CAN Sit - lover of life and dogs, namely her grand Greyhound, Beryl, and handsome pigdog (her word), Frankie, in the stunningly beautiful coastal town of Feilding, New Zealand
So as I was saying, they're all award-winning, each snagging at least one of these three noteworthy blogging awards:

Norwegian origin
Passed to me from the Czech Republic

German origin, translated "dearest" or "beloved," designed
to recognize "up-and-coming" (less than 200 subscribers) blogs

And, each of these people has generously passed one of these awards to me, along with the privilege of paying it forward.

(For the record: I suck for not doing this in early December - before duplicates happened. But, on the other hand,  if I had, then I wouldn't have been able to introduce you to all these great blogs.)

A few things you should know:
  • Most blog "awards" come with at least one rule.
  • I have already followed one rule.
  • I believe some rules are meant to be broken. 
  • That's all I'm saying about the rules. :)
    (but if you must know them, try Google-ing the award names)

But, before I call attention to a few more awesome people with blogs, for fun (smile), here are a few random, previously unpublished things about me and my dogs:
  • I once wrote and edited in HTML, hundreds of online reference documents for a large company. And to this day, I enjoy hand-coding lists (especially multi-level ones), including many of the ones you see on my blog.
    I also enjoy diagramming sentences.
    I am strange.

  • Jon Farleigh had a twin puppy brother named Luke.
    Luke lives in North Carolina.
    Jon Farleigh is on the left (he has less white on his muzzle).
  • This is what you'd see while seated on the toilet in my guest 1/2 bathroom.
    The toilet humor doesn't end with the blog. :)
  • Dewi, although higher energy than Jon Farleigh, is the snuggliest of my two dogs. He will climb in your lap in a chair and spoon you in the prone position. Jon Farleigh, in contrast, snuggles in bursts (but will lick your face off). :)

And now a confession: The reason I have waited to accept these generous honors until now is because it is painfully difficult for me to select new recipients. I subscribe to over 100 outstanding blogs, and I consider all bloggers I subscribe to awesome people. So tell me, what's a girl to do?

Get over herself and advertise some (lesser-known-to-my-readers) great blogs, that's what. :)

Starting with "kreativity"

  • Two French Bulldogs - Benny and Lily. They. Are. Crazy. Funny. Their mama could take this act far, if she set her mind to it. Make haste over there to check these cheeky Frenchies out, especially on Ba-da-bing Tuesday
  • Happy Bark Days - The Adventures of Miss Little Red Maple Leaf - The author of this blog is a Canadian transplant in Singapore who writes about her life with Miss Maple, an adorable red toy poodle. She also writes intriguing travelogues and her photography is stunning.
Then on to the "lovelies"

  • Peaceful Dog (Which could just as easily be called Peaceful Blog) - Kirsten, the author of this blog, is a professional dog trainer, dog owner of Lamar (a handsome Anatolian Shepherd) and foster parent to two adoptable pitties-in-training, Fozzie and Sandy. Here, you will find everything from dog training tips to photo journals of outdoor adventures with dogs in the Mid-Atlantic (US)-area wilderness. And, she has a soothing writing style that will make you want to curl up in front of a fire with a cup of hot cocoa.
  • Ruffly Speaking - A previously well-kept secret of Cardigan Corgi people, this blog is a pleasure fest for the eyes and mind. From the remarkable photography, to the hilarious storytelling, and ending with the vault of expert dog-rearing information, this blog simply should not be missed. I promise, you will not be sorry you went there. 
  • Daley's Dog Years - Chandra, the author, created this blog as a eulogy to her beloved dog, Daley, who at age 13, developed Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), a spinal cord disease that targets older dogs and for which there is no standard treatment or cure. A champion for the precious senior dogs of the world, especially those who find themselves homeless, Chandra uses this space to spotlight local dog causes and to provide valuable information to people who care for senior dogs.

And finally, the liebster "up-and-coming"

  • The Daily Dog Blog - Julie, a self-employed graphic and web designer, created this space for sharing her beautiful pets: Cali, the 12-year-old Aussie x Golden Retriever, and three rescue cats, Monkey, Ashley and Zuni. Julie is in love with animals and it shows. Hint: I lifted this quote off her "About" page: "How is it possible that there are people in this world that are not “pet people”?"
    This just in: A new Labrador dog girl, Saydee, has moved in while her human (Julie's brother) is on assignment.
  • Ozzy's World - Ozzy Oswald is a Min-Pin who was abandoned by his first owner, and through a twist of fate, came to find his forever home with the author of this blog - a DUDE. :) There are no pictures to speak of, other than the little photo of Ozzy in the sidebar, but the descriptive writing makes up for it. I love that this blog is from a man's perspective, but it's the funny stories that hold my attention. And hey, if you go there (please do!), do me a big favor and leave a comment. This guy's been writing his hands off with no comments to speak of (not even mine - that is, until I tell him about this award.).

Thank you again to all the bloggers who tapped me for this honor. You rock!

To the new recipients: Feel free to copy your award image and post it on your blog! If you choose to pay it forward, great! If not, that's okay, too.

Now, go find yourself a new blog to follow!

(Note: Since I'm posting so late today, and because this is way long, and I want people to have time to read it, there will be no post tomorrow. See you back here on Thursday!)


  1. Wow! You've got some really interesting blogs that I haven't seen before on your list! Just what I need! lol And that puppy picture is totally and completely squee worthy!

  2. there are a few things i need to ahhh about -

    1. you enjoy hand-coding lists. what the hell does that even mean?

    2. JF has a twin. hmmm. aren't all dogs born in the same litter twins or octuplets, as the case may be? i'm asking a serious question here.

    3.you read over 100 blogs, know so much about each blogger and have time to write smarts[ass] comments? HOW is that even possible???

    4. how come i didn't get an award? aren't i up and coming enough?

    kidding!!!! :)

    love ya. congratulations and goodnight x

  3. I second #3 on GLP's list of things we need to know. You must be using bathroom time to keep up with all those blogs.

    And now we know what inspires all the potty humor. :)

    Great blogs. You've picked a few of my favorites and I'll head off to check out the others soon.

  4. There goes my productivity for the day. :o

    Congratulations on all your awards! I lost sleep over who I offended by not including their blog in my lists - I think you came up with a great way of addressing that.

    And can I third #3 on GLP's list? OMD! "We're not worthy!"

  5. Congrats on all of your awards. What a great and creative way to pass them on, (and that is why I shared one with you, although I can't remember which one now...lol).

  6. First of all - how did you not take ALL of the puppies - they are SO CUTE!!!! Thank you so much for including me and my little blog :)

    Seriously . . 100 blogs?? WOW!!! Congrats on your awards - you deserve them!!!

  7. Hello! I found your blog on BlogPaws and I would love to have you on Pet Bytes! Pet Bytes is our social networking website for pet lovers! That way, if you join, more people can learn about your blog! If you plan to join, the website is: http://www.petbytes.org/

    We are also having a "Most Popular" Blogger contest on our home page for a chance to win $250for you or a pet chairty! if you have any blog posts that you would like to link back to your page, you can do that also under our "Pet Blog" tab:

    Sorry for the long comment! Have a great day!

  8. Dear Ms. Typist for GLP,

    Thank you for provoking me out of my sad, too-lazy-to-reply-to comments state.

    1) It means I'm strange, like I said.

    2) Well, I see your point; however, it IS possible for littermates to have different sires and for pups whose parents like to get busy all day during "that time" to be gestationally different ages. That being said, all of JF's sibs have the same dad, so yes, they are all fraternal twins. He only has ONE brother, though. And they're both fluffeeee!

    3)I'm sitting on the toilet now, so there! (Not reeealy.) ;)

    4)I gave you an award last year. Remember?

    By the way, I think a smartass just called me an intelligent donkey. :)

    @Thank you everyone for commenting (even the typist).

    @2 brown dawgs - it was the kreative one. hee hee

  9. Congratulations on all your awards! They are all well-earned.

    Congratulations also on your hand-coding success! Any tips for a newbie? I realize HTML is fairly passé these days but I never quite figured it out back in my salad days. I admire your strength of mind to tackle such an enormous project without going cross-eyed!

  10. congrats! and thanks for the shout-out. i see lots of great stuff here to check out!

  11. You definitely win a creative award from me for how you've handled these awards! It is soooo hard to choose recipients! As always, your talented wit has made my day - thank you!

  12. Whew, that is a huge list of awards, well done and well deserved:) And a wonderful way to pass them on.

    I probably follow at least 100 blogs too, but can't keep up with reading them, sad:( At last count there were 43 Greyhound blogs, but I've found and added more since then! But I am going to make an effort to check out those you've mentioned as I haven't heard of many of them. If you follow them that's good enough for me:)

    You are strange. What is diagramming sentences? I can Google it but that would probably be another evening spent with my friend, Google. You are also clever, you're probably the first person I've come across who has spelt Feilding correctly:)

    Jon Farleigh was just as gorgeous as a puppy. How did you choose between him and Luke?

  13. Congratulations on all your awards there's a great list of blogs there to check out! I'm definitely making more time to read this year so thanks for giving me a head start! :)

  14. ohhhh you in trouble now for making me laugh before brekkie.

    i still don't get the gestational thing. how can a bitch be you know by more than 1 dog for 1 litter? isn't it 1 sprem 1 egg? i wasn't a science major, sorry.

    p.s. i like commenting on the potty too.

    p.p.s. oh look - the capcha is giving me "perse" to type. i think maybe they mean "perverse"

  15. p.p.p.s. i just had a look at ruffly speaking and i'm feeling all vomity again. how does anyone take such STUNNING x10 pictures? boohoo. i feel all unworthy again.

  16. Congrats on all your awards! I just love the twin puppy picture. Definitely a double awwwwwwe!!

  17. @Julie - They were all taken except for JF and Luke. I had to fight for JF because my husband had his eyes on Dewi. You already know how that ended up. :)

    Over 100. I'm oversubscribed, but I don't want to forget about any of them!

    @Bree - Thanks for stopping by!

    @Kristine - I'd better not try to give you any tips, since this is the first I've heard that HTML is passé. I bet you know more than you think!

    @Kim - Oh my, thanks!

    @Sue - I can't possibly read every post that I subscribe to. Even still, I keep subscribing. I lurk when I can. :)

    Ha ha - Turning sentences into strange little fishbone drawings. That's what it is. I repeat, I'm strange. And, I almost spelled it Fielding!

    Oh, and JF's expressive eyes turned me into jell-o. He was also a bit more outgoing than Luke. And we needed a pup who could tolerate the children.

    @Cate - Thank you!

    @Typist - As my cheeks flush, there are several eggs present during heat, so if one boy dog only manages to send in half as many successful swimmers, and a while later, another boy dog sends in a few of his, not all the pups will have the same daddy. I HOPE this doesn't happen very often. Snip those nibblets!

    Vomity? Well, that would be a whole other award category completely. Like MEAN GIRLS blog awards - maybe One Nauseating Blog? I doubt it would get passed very far. Anyway, don't be so hard on yourself!

  18. Bravo on your awards and a heartfelt thanks for including me amongst the Lovelies! Really appreciate it.

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years


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