Monday, January 2, 2012

Jon Farleigh Is a Furry Two-Year-Old

As of yesterday.

Why do you tease me?

Yes, he (and his five littermates) were birthed on New Year's 2010.

Jon Farleigh shared his little carob doggie cake with Dewi (because I said he had to).

Three Dog Bakery

Those are carrots. The cake is not sweet. I tasted it.

It's not fair that we can't keep them two years old forever. 

I'm starving.

I've gone deaf in my left ear. 

What? Do I have food in my teeth?

Happy Birthday, Jon Farleigh
(and Georgia and Lily and Bee and Luke and Flip Flop)!


  1. Well that last picture is hilarious! How kind of Jon Farleigh to share his cake. It looks gosh darn yummy!! Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh, he's just a baby! No wonder he's so cute. :)

    Happy birthday Jon Farleigh. So young and already a star.

  3. There's actually a 5th sibling; Flip Flop. She lives with Marian's sister & brother in law.

  4. Party on, JF. You've already got the look.

    Ben in Bermtopia

  5. It's official. Jon Farleigh is no longer a puppy. He's a young man.

    Happy Birthday, JF!

  6. Happy Birthday Jon Farleigh! You certainly know the best way to wear a birthday hat. LOL

  7. happy birthday, JF! i can't believe you're only 2. not that i'm jealous you're younger than me by a whole year and 1/3 or anything silly like that!

    i AM jealous of that cake though. no one has ever baked me a [birthday] cake and no one ever will. some of us do it tough.

    hugs and all x

  8. your photos! Hey, guess what? Jon Farleigh and CindyLu share the same birthday!!! She turned 4 on the 1st. Next year, we'll have to party together!
    Happy Birthday, Jon Farleigh - you handsome devil, you!

  9. Happy Birthday to Youuuuu! My mom says that cake looks good enuff for moms..heehee!

    2 is good, Jon Farleigh!


  10. A very happy birthday to you Jon Farleigh!!!! Your cake looks so good that I would even want a slice. You are just adorable.....

  11. JF, Happy Birthday! We're jealous of your cake! Woofs from Lucy, Jeffie and Rudy (Skeeter, too)

  12. Happy Birthday Jon Farleigh:) That is a fantastic looking cake, I wouldn't mind a taste either. What a great date for a birthday, Happy New Year too:)

  13. Happy B-Day JF! Man, does your cake look delicious!

  14. I just wanted to share the news to you that I have sent you the Liebster Award! Congrats to you!!! Check out my blog to read about it.

  15. I love your blog. These are the two cutest cardigans and you are so funny.
    Glad I found you. Happy New Year!!!

  16. Happy Birthday, Little Man! You're one rockin' corg, specially with that special ear hat in the last photo!

  17. Absolutely adorable photos... happy birthday to JF! :)

  18. dogs in party hats always makes me smile :) Happy Birthday John Farleigh!!!

  19. Oh wow, what a beautiful, yummy cake. How lucky! And Happy Birthday to JF!


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