Monday, February 27, 2012

The #1 Believable Reason My Dogs Loved 5 Percent of the Oscars

(They were asleep during the other 95 percent.)

Not because of show hosts doing dog impressions.

I so DO NOT sound like Billy Crystal when I talk like a person.

Or dogs behaving scandalously.

I'm so happy our movie won, I'd like to dance with this leg!

But because they got these excellent views of the:

Warm pajama-clad leg, attached to the hand that scratches the furry belly, attached to the dog lying upside down on the couch

Cat up to no good

Opening in the basement door (where cats who are up to no good frequently emerge)

Back porch (where shadows of dangerous things - like blowing leaves disguised as cats - are known to appear) 

And not:

A view - from behind bars - of one's BFF bedded down for the night

What is most disturbing about this view, though, is that it is not Dewi's.

(The things I do for you people. :)

Happy day-after-the-Oscars!


  1. You really need to get a collar-cam. ;)

    Wondering how much of the Oscar's you actually got to watch given how much crawling around on the floor you seem to have been doing. lol

  2. If my floors were as clean as yours I would crawl around on them too!

  3. I'm laughing too hard at Leslie and Peggy's comments to write anything remotely intelligent... I agree wholeheartedly with both! Now, if only a maker of one of those collar cams would send you one to review...

  4. Wait, Jon Farleigh and Dewi don't take those pictures?? :)

  5. Make that two votes for a collar cam! Loving that last shot - that's true dedication! :) And I loved that they brought the Jack Russell up on stage too!

  6. Hi Y'all,

    I know humans man the camera or the pics would all be of the silly humans not us.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. haha ! how did it feel like to be on the 'other' side?

  8. You are cracking me up! You really went above and beyond for these photos. :)

  9. I didn't know there was going to be a dog on stage during the oscars! If I had, I would have watched that instead of endless cat videos on the computer. Dang.

  10. Did you find anything cool while you were down there? lol

  11. *snicker* I see one displaced Corgi so that someone could suffer yet again for her art! Ha ha ha! Find any contraband in there?

  12. Just like we have a Puppy Bowl for folks uninterested in the Super Bowl, I think we should have Dogscar Awards for people uninterested in the Oscars. And I vote for Elizabeth, Dewi, and Jon Farleigh to be the executive producers. :)

  13. Hee hee - you really are dedicated :) I watched the show a day late (recorded it because my hubby wouldn't watch it) What was the deal with the leg - it was so weird . . and please, she needs to EAT SOMETHING. I thought Penelope Cruz looked beautiful :) Glad you had fun with your pups . .they deserve an award too!


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