Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happiness is...getting asked to dance!

Especially when treats are involved.

Except when cats walking by are involved.

(at about the 25 second mark)

By the way, Dewi "dances" whenever he hears the video. Poor little dude. :)


In other news:

This week, I've been busy adding snazzy new (coffee cup) social networking icons and Pinterest "Pin it" buttons to the blog. And when I say busy, I mean (because I am less than technically inclined AND I use sometimes-challenging Blogger) it took me hours to get it straight (piecing together information from several different websites and blogs). (The processes are not exactly intuitive.) Anyway, other than because I'd love for you to use my new blog buttons, I'm telling you this because soon (next week), I'm going to share how I did both - or at least point you to the step-by-step instructions - so you can put snazzy social icons and Pin it buttons on your own Blogger blog (if you have one). :)

So look forward to that. And me telling you about how I joined Pinterest on a whim (and can totally see how people get addicted). But not me; I will not get addicted.

Bye bye!


  1. I am glad to hear someone else finds Blogger a bit challenging at times! It definitely has some user-UNfriendly bits to it! I tend to leave well-enough-alone with it just 'cause I don't want to get sucked into fixing a screw up!

  2. You guys can dance? No fair. No one teaches me anything useful around here.

    Btw, those funny ears you were wearing in the last post, JF. My Typist could do with a pair. She's having a bad hair life. Very embarrassing.

  3. That is so unspeakably cute!

    Love your coffee cups. :) And I've started seeing "Pinterest" around but seriously, if I have to learn and stay on top of one more social media tool, I think I'm going to jump out a window. ;) Good luck with it!

  4. I need to know where I can get myself a Dewi...I am so in love with him and J.F.

    Excited to hear about how you added the coffee cups, I just love them!!

  5. I have continued to resist the urge to even look at Pinterest. People keep telling me I need to but the last thing I need is more Facecrack.

    Adding social media buttons took me forever as well so you are not the only one. I look forward to your tutorial!

  6. Jon Farleigh, didn't anyone tell you it's rude to eat and run? You should be looking cute as can be like Dewi!!

  7. Love your Cafe Press shop! Really cool!

  8. Very cute! I do like your new buttons. :)

  9. I noticed your new buttons the other day, which made me realize that I didn't have any social media stuff on my blog . . .and I spent a half a day adding twitter :) I love the cups!! (and of course, the dancing cuties!)


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