Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happiness is...hearing those three little words...

Want a snack?!

Watch the proof, here.

Click here to watch on YouTube.

(That's Middle Child's voice, by the way.)

It's been a long time since my last "Happiness" post, huh?

I think it might be time for a revival. Stay tuned.

P.S. It's a work in progress yet, but in case you haven't noticed, I have a new shop at CafePress.com. There's a widget in my sidebar. Stay tuned for more on this development, too!


  1. LOL, I swear, I could turn on the blender, go into the pantry, shut the door cover my mouth and **whisper** the word snack and Koly would hear me. This video is too darn cute!

  2. All we have to do is think the word: cookie at our house and all three dogs are in the kitchen. Well, that and the word: cheese. Okay, truthfully, any time we're even thinking about the kitchen...

  3. Ah....the little piggies that are Cardigans! For us it is the sound of the panty door being opened that brings them running! Other doors don't bring a response, just THAT door :-)

  4. This video is so cute! Is the answer ever "no"?

    Congrats on the Cafe Press shop! I love the look of your logo on t-shirts.

  5. Love those cuties!! I always use "cookie"!

  6. It's so funny how they will come running from anywhere for those three little words! Too cute ;)


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