Monday, February 6, 2012

What a Thief Would See

While casing the front of my house at night...

Demon mongrel?

Except, silly me! I forgot to turn on my flash for that first photo, so this is really what the thief would see...

Dewi and Jon Farleigh: Hey, thief, why are you out there when you could be in here, with us?

And that is why I pay for a home security monitoring service.



  1. At least they wouldn't trot right over to where you keep the silver! Or would they...? The little sellouts.

  2. The trick is having the dogs be heard and not seen. I've had people mistake Sam's bark for that of a German Shepherd. I've always felt safe with him in the house :)

    1. I've had the same thing happen with my old boy Dylan. His bark was so deep and loud, people were sure I had a GSD behind the door! Wilson can sound pretty scary, too, esp. since he takes his job as household security guard very seriously.

      As a side note, Dylan was a brindle and white mis-mark, so he had his face 50/50 white and brindle. I can't tell you how many people asked me if he was a Pitbull while giving us a wide berth. Cardigans and Pitbulls look so much alike...yeah, right!

  3. I wish I may I wish I might hug these puppies some starry night so I'll pretend to be a thief in the night and come in a play with Dewi and Jon Farleigh one night--just aim the shotgun high!!!!

  4. yikes, they won't come near your house
    Benny & Lily

  5. Good call! There is much that I love about Tucker & Phoebe, but they are not much of a deterrent against robbery, home invasion ... or ... well, much of anything, really, unless the thief happens to have a phobia about dog saliva! :)

  6. We used to joke with the Greyhounds that the only danger was someone being wagged to death. Your sentries look like they probably pose a similar danger, perhaps drowning someone in kisses!

  7. The demon mongrel is pretty scary! How about an alarm that sounds like a horde of hungry cardis baying?

  8. Hehe... that first photo would be intimidating!

  9. Cali would be certain that they were here to see her and welcome them in - but now that we have Saydee in the house, they would definitely get a scare!!!

    Those two happy faces make me smile :)

  10. hahah!! Just get them to practice that first face...LOL

  11. lol.

    desmond barks enough when we play that i'm pretty sure anyone casing the joint would think we have some huge ferocious dog behind closed doors. meanwhile, he would excitedly greet an intruder for about 30 seconds and then get bored and just start whining. i don't think that would deter anyone!


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