Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How Dog-Friendly Is Seattle, Washington?

Or Portland, Oregon and Maine?
Or Cape May, New Jersey?
Or Burlington, Vermont?
Or Colorado Springs, Colorado?
Or Cannon Beach, Oregon?
Or Victoria, British Columbia?

I stole this wonderful photo of Temperance (the Cardigan Welsh Corgi) off of Shep's lovely blog, Cardigan Complex. (Which has PLENTY more gorgeous photos where this one came from. In fact, she has another Cardigan, Simon, whose "famous" face you might recognize from other pet-related sites around the web.)

Want to guess what city little Tempe is in? 

Do you think one of the eight cities listed above might deserve the title:

 Best City for Pet Travelers
(in the US and Canada)?


Well drop everything you're doing and click over to Take Paws, the official blog of Go Pet Friendly.com and VOTE VOTE VOTE! (Actually you can vote four times, but not for the same city twice. But hurry! Voting closes at 10 p.m. EST tomorrow, Wednesday, March 28!)

That's right, in case you don't know, Go Pet Friendly.com - the web site for people who love to travel with their pets - is holding their first-annual Best City for Pet Travelers Tournament and the eight cities listed above are duking it out to move on to the Final Four (Round 5).

And why am I invested in this, you might wonder? (I live in Virginia, after all.)

Hmmm, perhaps because I have a few peeps (human and canine) in or near a few (or all, I really can't be sure) of the eight final cities?

And I'd really hate for your city to get passed over just because you didn't know you needed to go vote. :)

Good luck!

And may the best pet-friendly city win!

Note: I do not represent Go Pet Friendly.com and they did not sponsor this post. I wrote it because I like to start trouble for fun! 


  1. Is your picture meant to influence the voting?

    It's been fun to learn about different cities for visiting with your dog. But I think the winner will be whoever does the best trash talk. :)

    1. I just really like the photo and it fits! (wink) I haven't been to Seattle since I was a toddler.

      If Cape May wins, it'll be because it deserves to, not because of any trash talk. :)

  2. Bah! Chicago was out in the first round! I am afraid to not vote for Pamela's Cape May, though. I'm afraid she has ninjas stalking us or something, making sure we vote for her city! :P

    1. Hehe. Yes, I'm starting to wonder whether Pamela is omnipresent. ;)

  3. Hahaha! Aw, thank you for the sweet note and seeing her on your blog made me smile!

    Seattle is one of the most dog friendly cites I've been in - well, for the downtown metro area. People invite you into their shops, there's outdoor places to eat that allow you to have the dog there, there's water fountains and in all the parks they have dog bags. :) It's just--- friendly. There's actually one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a parking garage too -- a dog bathroom!! Dead serious, they took two parking spaces, put in artificial grass, walled it, they have a hydrant and a scoop in there - I should have grabbed a picture of that! The parks here are awesome, heck, I've taken my dogs on buses and the monorail and the elevators and the escalators. Heck, the people that ran the holiday carousel totally were delighted for us to come and play and take pictures.

    Out of the states? Vancouver BC. Dogs were everywhere, the parks were full of dogs, of places to play. They have parking places out in front of stores; leash-safe holders are right next to the windows so you can see your dog, they have dog bags and water bowls in front of them. I absolutely loved that city for dog-friendly- the dogs were getting fawned over left and right... and the people were so, so polite with dogs, I never had someone not first ask if they could pet them. :D Really cool.

  4. That is such a cute photo :) Tomorrow I'm going to have to make a big push for Portland!!

  5. I told my human and she voted. She said she's been to Seattle and saw doggies everywhere!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. we hear Portland is very doggy friendly...we'll vote
    Benny & Lily

  8. I'm playing Switzerland in this whole affair. A) Bella probably wouldn't *really* be welcome in any of these cities (assuming they have rules about 'well-behaved' dogs and all that) and B) I'm a little afraid of Pamela at this point. ;)

  9. Well, obviously from my latest post, I'm a Seattle girl. Pikes Place Market is a great place to take dogs- unless you have a Beagle and it's the Cheese festival- and then it's still great for the dog, not as great for the human who wants the dog to move along....


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