Monday, March 26, 2012

How Facebook Made Me Stupid (and some cute pictures)

Note: Random photos of Jon Farleigh appear throughout this post.

Hi, whatchu doin?

I am not a great big Facebook user (in my non-blogging life); therefore, I reluctantly created a fan page for this blog, after weeks of rebellion against all the social media experts who insisted that all "successful" blogs must have one.

Fast forward a year and I still rarely use my personal Facebook page, but have come to rely on (and even <gasp> enjoy) my fan page for connecting with many wonderful blog readers.

And that is why, when it (my fan page) suddenly left me this weekend (for a better blogger perhaps?) - without so much as a note or an envelope stuffed full of cash, I lost my ever-loving mind. Really.

Shortness of breath.

Sweaty palms.

Racing heart.

Hysterical googling of the words "my facebook page disappeared."

Twitter begging of @Facebook to "please put my page back, lest I might die." (except I left out the dying part)

Strongly worded pleas to the mysterious bureau known as Facebook Help.

I did all of that just this morning!

Shut the front door! She did what?!

Then at precisely 1:50 p.m. my time today (as I peeked at the clock through a squinted eye), it slowly loaded. My wayward little fan page. 

And I felt a little nauseated from the adrenaline release. 

So tell me: If I can find a bright side to a day of scrubbing dog poop off interior surfaces and my dog's butt, ill-fitting clothes and burning my dinner to a block of ash, but can't get it together for temporary Facebook maintenance*, do you think I might be in deep doo doo?

What about you? How would you react if your Facebook (or any other well-used social media) page suddenly disappeared? 

I like to roll in deer pee. Do you?

*I'm assuming that my page was down due to temporary maintenance (vs. a glitch, hack, etc.). Whatever the case, I'm so relieved it's back! ;-) 

P.S. If you're a Facebook fan and it goes missing again, please check the blog (or look at my Twitter feed) for updates!


  1. All that plus Pinterest and a shop. What a maniac you are! Where do you find the time to keep up with everything? Probably an insomniac :) I have the one blog. When I get people asking - how can I find you? Are you on Twitter or FB? RSS? Email? I just go "DUH"

    If the blog disappeared, I would be very sad and pissed off. Which reminds me, I really REALLY have to start saving it somewhere and somehow.

  2. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter - these are the things that rule my life. I can't imagine what it is to be free of them? I'd probably have a nervouse brakdown.

  3. I heard of a page disappearing. I believe you can also get it back if you delete it by accident.
    Benny & Lily

  4. I can't imagine! So sorry that you had to live through that, and glad it's back :)

  5. Dear Jon, where do you find deer pee?

  6. I have not attempted the fan page thing yet. My daughter says she's going to do it for me. I say, go ahead sucker! Funny how things on this wacky web can just "disappear"! Love the deer pee pic! LOL!

  7. I would be seriously bummed if my blog just up and disappeared! I am sure Blogger does their own backups but I imagine it would be a huge hassle to get it restored.

    I have a FB page (not for the blog though), but never post anything. I don't even check it everyday. FB can be SO time consuming so I try to stay away. I've never ever even seen Twitter. I resist technology the best I can :-) Heck, I don't even use a cell phone!

  8. Relax. If Facebook goes down again, you'll just have to use your other social media tool--Fuzzy Facebook. That's where you leash up the dogs, put a little water in a bottle, grab a couple of poopie bags, and step out with your handsome boys.

  9. I totally agree with Pamela, relax...

  10. I'm glad everything came back ok! I think I would be most freaked out if my Etsy store went down...because I have to spend money to list things! So that would be a pain in the butt (where the wallet is of course.)


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