Thursday, March 8, 2012

It Is Lame

Unless you read the very last line of yesterday's post, you probably won't get this.

Want to know what else is lame? I took 39 pictures of them with that sign and this was the best I could do. [sigh]

I'm on the mend, but to be on the safe side (because one lame post is all any of us can handle in one week), I'm gonna take tomorrow off (unless I don't). ;-)

Enjoy the day!
See you soon!


  1. I hope you're feeling better & not lame soon!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. LOL - you, my dear, could never be lame.

    I was right where you are in January - it is no fun at all. Get some rest, forget about us and work on getting yourself better. It will be worth the down time. :)

    And seriously, any post with Dewi and Jon Farleigh in it can't, almost by definition, be lame. ;)

  3. Nope, not lame at all :) Hope you are feeling better soon!!

  4. Sounds like the "yuck" is on both coasts. Feel better soon!

  5. Hi, Guys,

    Jeez, I hope your mom feels better soon! That bronchy stuff is no fun!

    Oh, the lame, hehe! We're headed out to the grocery store this morning. We'll be picking up some pumpkin. Great suggestion!

    Take care,
    Tom, Mom Julie & Mittens

  6. Hahaha! I hope you're feeling better soon!
    P.S. Thanks to you Petal has a nice 'hershey'. ;]

  7. Lame is way better than zip any day. ;-) You need to take care of yourself and get well!

  8. Why are you still in front of the comp? Don't you have a telly or book in your house? How about you go get some sleep Ms E! And no lame excuses! x

  9. LOL... I enjoyed your lame post. Does that make it not lame, or does that just make me lame? :)

  10. LOL not too terribly lame, I'm enjoying the sight of that pretty rug! ;) Hope you're doing much better by now!


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